Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Best Female Vocal Dubstep Mix | February 2016

Though it might have the most generic of names, this mix features some great songs to get you energized for whatever the day might bring.



00:00 Always – Zero Venture
03:17 Changes – The Eden Project (feat. Laura Brehm)
08:00 Emotion – Spaarkey
11:18 Close Your Eyes – SizzleBird (feat. Laura Hahn)
13:57 Another World – Xeuphoria (feat. Charlotte Haining)
18:24 Moondust – Nyte
22:37 Guardian – Ziu (feat. Shivaughn)
27:26 Sky City – Xeuphoria
31:47 The Light – Tetrix Bass (feat. Veela)
34:46 All I Ever Wanted – Prima Volta (feat. Stazz)
39:46 Bae Bae – Rameses B
44:01 Like You – WHYZDM
48:48 Heartbeat – Venemy (feat. Emily Jane)
52:17 Gravity – Umpire (feat. Liz Kretschmer)
55:58 Reminiscent – Speo
59:09 The Edge – Electro Light (feat. Kathryn MacLean)

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