Issue by Issue – The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior #7

The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior #7Writer – Mary Jo Duffy
Artist – Ricardo Villamonte
Inker – Ricardo Villamonte
Colours – Andy Yanchus
Letters – Janice Chiang

Malachon and his warriors from the Green Hills have decided that it is now the perfect time to strike against Crystallium due to the fact that neither Crystar nor his brother Moltar resides in the city. Though warrior he might call himself, he has little honour as he is willing to strike down man, woman or child whether armed or not, so long as he wins. When Crystar and his men hear of the cowardly attack, they are at the scene as fast as possible and Malachon leaves, unwilling to fight trained soldiers who at the moment, are far superior to him in strength and skill. Of course, that only leads Malachon to Moltar and the forces of Chaos. Jo Duffy does a good job with the story though the script could have used a little work this time around as there were certain times where the dialogue was a little juvenile, or at least dumbed down for whatever reason. The artwork by Ricardo Villamonte was decent and quite exciting at times, with Malachon having a very unique look about him that definitely set the warrior apart from all the others. With the introduction of Malachon, Duffy has also brought a third party to the table as he and the Green Warriors go through a transformation thanks to Zardeth and become men made of malachite which also creates a problem for Crystar, as he now has another formidable foe. There also arises a problem for Moltar which he may not have thought about, being that once Malachon is finished with Crystar, what will stop him from going after Moltar? Another interesting part of the book has to do with Ogeode and Ika who take Crystar and company back to their home, the land of the Great Council of Order. It is there that we learn that Ika was to be married and also that Ogeode is highly uncomfortable being there. With a new threat and a little bit of mystery, The Saga of Crystar continues to entertain.

3 out of 5

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