A Clash Worth Missing – Bigfoot Wars (2014)

Bigfoot Wars 2
Bigfoot Wars might sound like it is pretty terrible and you would be right on the money in that assumption. There is absolutely little in the way of redemption in this movie except for the Bigfoot costumes which are actually half-decent. The acting is bad, the script is worse, the editing, music and direction are all somewhere in-between bad and worse and you have to wonder just who it was that made the decision to unleash this monstrosity upon the world.

Bigfoot Wars 12For whatever reason and one that is never explained, a group of Bigfoots start to kill the people of a local community. The mayor, some campers, people at the drive-in; the Bigfoots are out to kill and if they can find some, collect women for mating.

The film is purportedly based upon a book series by Eric S. Brown and is supposed to be a pretty good read and yet for the movie, they take a fairly simple premise with very little background given and is ruined by all except the special effects people who actually do a competent job. Even with C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson in the movie as well as a few boobs here and there, nothing saves this film from being utterly horrible. Surprisingly, it will not be the worst thing you will ever see, though if you deign to sit through this, you only have yourself to blame.

1.5 out of 5
Bigfoot Wars 11

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