Issue by Issue – The Warlord #118

Warlord_Vol_1_118Writer – Micheal Fleisher
Artist – Ron Randall
Inker – Ron Randall
Colours – Carrie Spiegle
Letters – John Costanza

Michael Fleisher and Ron Randall deliver a ton of drama with the Warlord’s one hundred and eighteenth issue by continuing Tara’s solo journey, following the CIA agent who has been trying to hunt Morgan down, a look at the strange woman who has been trying to get to Skartaris to discover her roots, a story about Morgan and the aftereffects of Desaad’s machinations, a decision Mariah has made and a confrontation between Morgan and Machiste.  It is almost too much for one book, but it is good to see after the previous drawn out storylines that have filled this title on more than one occasion.  The main tale involves Morgan who has gone after Tara because he can no longer just sit back and wait for her whenever it is that she decides to come home.  Travis finally understands what it feels like to have the shoe on the other foot, how Tara must have felt all those times when he was away and he likes it not.  Along the way he manages to rescue a girl from a giant monster, something he has done a million times and yet this time is different for she is not grateful for it and neither are the townspeople when Morgan shows up to deliver her to safety.  In fact, Morgan finds himself under attack and it is only due to the actions of a stranger who was tortured by Desaad and can attest to Morgan’s strength of character that our hero is not killed by the superior numbers that surround him.  Once that is all settled though, that leads to a meeting with his old friend Machiste and it does not go well at all.  Among the many other plots that run alongside Morgan’s is the one involving the strange woman who is looking for ancient Atlantis and whom we discover is in fact Power Girl, no longer a Kryptonian like she thought but a member of the ancient Atlantean race and a relative of Arion, their greatest mage.  As per usual, you can count on The Warlord for a lot of action and this book does deliver in that department, but also intrigue and drama of which there is more than enough to spare and ending up a fantastic read.

4 out of 5

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