Mind Capsules – All New, All Different Avengers #4 and Old Man Logan #1

All New All Different Avengers #4
All New, All Different Avengers #4

Writer – Mark Waid
Artist – Mahmud Asrar
Colours – Dave McCaig
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

The All New, All Different Avengers finally hits its stride as the team starts acting like one and things go back to status quo.  Sort of.  Due to the fact that Tony has very little money, their new headquarters is in a hanger where they keep their only Quinjet.  The kitchen is small and not really a kitchen, the operations room is a little lacking and things are generally worse than they have ever been.  Jarvis is not at all pleased about the situation either, but it is good to see him back in the book, no matter what role he might take or how disapproving his attitude.  Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar send the Avengers off to deal with a hurricane that has suddenly popped up in New Jersey, something they should easily be able to handle. It is soon discovered that it is not a natural phenomenon at all though, but one made by a man and that, none other than Cyclone.  What follows is quite a bit of action as our heroes split up – some to rescue the people and a few of them to stop the villain before anyone else gets hurt.  Waid peppers the book with a lot of nuggets concerning our various heroes like the ongoing mystery that is not a mystery of the Vision, the awkwardness between Ms. Marvel and Nova and perhaps the best one of all, the strange actions of Thor who ends up kissing Captain America (and for those not in the know, Jane Foster-Thor and Sam Wilson-Captain America).  The book does not leave off with a cliff-hanger which is quite different to see in an Avengers title, but it does so with Tony and our heroes wondering just what it is that has gotten into everyone’s favourite Thunder Goddess, and more so, just what is that she meant by the words that she spoke?  What was really great to see is that the team is starting to interact with each other in a more friendly manner, almost like they have been teammates for years and not just for days.  It will still take some time getting used to having what are essentially kids on the team, but so far it is working out quite all right and adding to that a new mystery about something called the Dynasty which will make things quite intriguing.  Joining the book this month on pencils is the aforementioned Asrar who does a really spectacular job of it and all things considered, with a fantastic cover by Alex Ross, this has been the best book of the series thus far.

4 out of 5

Old Man Logan #1
Old Man Logan #1

Writer – Jeff Lemire
Artist – Andrea Sorrentino
Colours – Marcelo Maiolo
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

It was no secret that Old Man Logan would be joining the Marvel Universe after the culmination of the event called Secret Wars and Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino bring him back to life in a world that is no longer his own.  Though some may have been reading his adventures in the new Extraordinary X-Men title, also written by Lemire, this book finds him going solo, having just woken up – alone, confused and out for vengeance while memories of his past life plague him like nightmares.  Like many of Wolverine’s past titles, this one has a much darker vibe than most of Marvel’s books and Lemire plainly puts across the hurt that Logan feels, the sorrow and the anger that rages through him at the loss of his family.  For a first issue, it is a pretty sad tale and does not offer a lot of hope or forgiveness.  It is really good though and Lemire crafts it perfectly and anyone who is looking for a good Wolverine tale will find it here, but in this new Marvel Universe, there are not a lot of books that are as dark as this one and while it feels slightly out of place, it also feels like home.  Sorrentino continues on from the Secret Wars miniseries of the same name as the series artist and it was like the man was born to draw Old Man Logan.  His work on the book is moody and even a little eerie at times, making our hero look more than just a little dangerous.  What should be quite interesting is just how this title will jibe with the X-Men book Wolverine is also currently in, especially as how Lemire is writing that one and the two seem to be completely different to each other.  The book leaves off on a promise and it should definitely crank the action right up, though if Logan is successful at what he intends to do is another matter entirely.

4 out of 5

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