Issue by Issue – Rom #69

Rom #69Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Steve Ditko
Inker – P. Craig Russell
Colours – Petra Scotese
Letters – Janice Chiang

Landing on a very strange planet, Rom cannot help but notice how it is far different from any that he has ever been on. For one, there are some strange tendrils which sway to and fro though there be no wind and it also gives off a weird heat signature. While it might cause Rom a little concern, he cannot leave as detects traces of his fellow Spaceknights and as long as they are alive, Rom will find them and be reunited with the rest of his people. Soon Rom has made his way into the center of the planet which confirms to him that it is alive and after a couple of perilous moments, he stands before the brain of the creature who is none other than Ego, the Living Planet. Bill Mantlo and Steve Ditko have been delivering some very interesting tales in the post-Dire Wraith title that this book has become and this one is yet another that also happens to feature one of Marvel’s lesser-used cosmic characters in Ego. It is quite hilarious to see Ego portrayed as such as it gives you a clear picture of what the character used to be like and how much he has changed compared to how he is now seen in the current Marvel Universe. Though this might not be the most exciting encounter that Rom has ever had, whether friend or foe, it is one of the more curious to appear in the title. There is a fight of course, for Rom wants to be free of the planet, not to mention him also wanting his fellow Spaceknights to be rid of the place as well. Becoming Ego’s next meal is not a choice anyone would make. Not so surprising was the fact that there were some Dire Wraiths within Ego’s stomach, slowly being devoured and helpless to do anything about it thanks to the destruction of their home planet. They beg Rom for death and our hero, a man who does not like to see anyone in pain, obliges and sends them to join their brethren in Limbo. Now that Rom has a couple of companions, it should make things a little easier for him as well as making for some good adventures.

3.5 out of 5

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