Mind Capsules – Red Sonja #1 and All-New X-Men #3

Red Sonja #1
Red Sonja #1

Writer – Marguerite Bennett
Artist – Aneke
Colours – Jorge Sutil
Letters – Erica Schultz

The problem with starting Red Sonja over with a number one issue and a new writer is that they would have to follow Gail Simone’s incredible run with the previous volume.  So it is that Marguerite Bennett steps in to fill some pretty big shoes, giving our heroine, for the most part, absolutely nothing to do.  It starts with the death of the King of Hyrkania and when Sonja refuses to take the throne after being offered it, she soon finds herself out of work as the land has entered what seems to be an age of unprecedented peace and all of that thanks to the new monarch.  Because of that, Sonja is bored and for anyone that knows Sonja, that is not a good thing.  Soon enough a mystery presents itself and her boredom soon turns itself around, much to the woe of those set against her.  For a first issue, the book is not overly exciting and that in itself is a bit of a novelty as Bennett does not capture our attention with action, but intrigue.  The question that raises its head when all is said and done is will this be enough to get the readers to come back for more.  For the Red Sonja fan, that is an unequivocal yes.  For the average person just picking the book up, it is hard to say.  As there was so little action and it did not really pick up in pace until the end of the story and some might feel turned off as there are so many titles on the stands to choose from that are far more exciting.  It is well-written and the artwork by Aneke is quite good and the mystery that presents itself does tend to hook you, so hopefully with that cliff-hanger ending, people will want to tune in to see what might be next.  Given that is is Marguerite Bennett writing, you have to know that she is going to have something up her sleeve if her time on Angela or A-Force from Marvel are any indication.  So a good start overall with a different hook being used than previous volumes, with Sonja sporting her new costume design which looks great and what can only be a bright future ahead.

3.5 out of 5

All-New X-Men #3
All-New X-Men #3

Writer – Dennis Hopeless
Artist – Mark Bagley
Inker – Andrew Hennessy
Colours – Nolan Woodward
Letters – Cory Petit

The Ghosts of Cyclops have decided to break their leader Thirst out of jail and being as young and inexperienced as they are, they never really thought it through.  Also, Young Cyclops just so happens to be in the very same jail and no matter how hard he tries to convince them that they should just turn themselves over to the police, he just finds more resistance.  As of this book, Dennis Hopeless has firmly established that Young Cyclops is not a fan of his older self, so much so that he would rather just run off from his friends and disappear, never to be seen again.  Things manage to turn out differently and whether it was fate or dumb luck, Scott found himself in the middle of a situation he simply could not turn away from.  It is also in this issue that Hopeless has Scott come to terms not so much with his older self, but with the fact that he is not that man, at least not yet and if it can be avoided, he never will be.  The Ghosts of Cyclops are defeated and while they might be gone for the moment, they are quite the interesting characters and at some point, will most likely return.  Mark Bagley’s artwork is as dependable as ever and he seems more at home on teenage heroes than anything else, hearkening back to his New Warriors days, though a little more polished.  The team is an interesting one with a mix of X-Men new and old and it should create some good stories going forward, especially as Apocalypse is supposed to figure into the X-books soon and this team has Kid Apocalypse on it.  All-New X-Men has turned out to be a book for those who are looking for something a little on the lighter side of the X-Universe, not to mention, a little bit of fun.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I had no idea they were starting a new volume with Red Sonja. I paid for the issue on my Kindle and started to read and that’s when I saw it was ‘Volume 3, No. 1’ and I was like ‘wait…what?’

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    • Yep, Dynamite is starting Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris and Vampirella all at number one again. They all get new costumes and a bit of re-branding – sort of – that focuses on Dynamite’s strong female leads. I’m actually pretty excited about them, hoping that Dejah Thoris and Vampirella are just as good.

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  2. Bufff I don´t the penciller that Dynamite choses for the new Red Sonja´s series, so, maybe, I´ll follow the ew Dejah Thoris. Is it Better?

    (The promblem with Red Sonja is how she looks, [I don´t know if Aneke (penciller) is a boy or a girl, but seems a boy for how he treats Sonja, but not only], also the pages with big backgrounds were I get lost).

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  3. I didn’t like Simone’s run at all so I looked forward to a new writer when she was done. Her idea of humor was juvenile and off putting.Her grasp of the Hyborian world was pitiful and showed poor understanding of its various lands and people. Nothing about this run impresses me either. When Bennett gets the map wrong right at the outset saying Kitai is west of Hyrkania and Turan east, I lose hope for the writer. The plot is a rehash of Swords of Sorrow, jilted ex-boyfriend will burn down the world to get his lady fair back. That I put on Dynamite’s editors, if they want to recycle stories that fast they are truly annoying.

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