Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Lost in Transmission VI

Get your folk on with the sixth installment of Lost in Transmission. All the folk music you could ever want ranging from The Lake Poets to Glen Hansard.


Green Gravel By Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party
Lowly Deserter By Glen Hansard
Cold Blows the Wind By Alex Roberts
Orfeo By Anna & Elizabeth
Minnie’s House By Campbell Gray
Manus Mo Rùin By Cruinn
I Don’t Like Sundays By Elle Osborne
Seed Stitch By Emily Portman
Alternate Reality By Gitta de Ridder
Fair Share By Gren Bartley
There’s a River By Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies
Ca na dh’fhag thu m’fhichead gini By Karen Matheson
The Old Man from Over the Sea By Lynched
Champion By Stick In The Wheel
Wine and Song By Matt Creer
Gingerbread By Nancy Kerr and the Sweet Visitor Band
Violet Fire By October Gold
The Shoals of Herring By Seth Lakeman
Black and Blue By The Lake Poets
The Widow’s Lament By The Owl Service


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