Mind Capsules – Secret Wars #9 and A-Force #1

Secret Wars #9
Secret Wars #9

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Esad Ribic
Colours – Ive Svorcina
Letters – Clayton Cowles

The culmination of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run, one of the greatest to have ever been published, as well as the rest of his Marvel work ends here in the final issue of Secret Wars.  As you knew it would, it all comes down to God Emperor Doom versus Reed Richards for the fate of everything.  It begins with Namor and T’Challa and an Infinity Gauntlet amidst all the chaos and Doom standing opposite them.  The battle is fierce, but the heroes have little chance as Doom is filled with the power of the Molecule Man.  After Doom realizes that it was only a distraction, he is quick to make his way to the chamber where Owen Reece resides and where he finds his long-time nemesis.  The action in this book, all perfectly delineated by Esad Ribic and coloured by Ive Svorcina, is as dramatic as can be for it is not only a battle over the fates of a world and its people, but one between two men who could have been the best of friends.  It is a poignant fight for no matter who wins, in a sense, they both lose for they have lost so many years that could have been put to better use.  The telling moment comes from Doom though, and for a man so egotistical and for the most part, self-serving, to unwittingly engineer his own defeat is a blow that will not sit well.  As expected, the Marvel Universe is put back together, though not without a few changes here and there – some of which can already be seen in various books across the Marvel Universe.  There is also a mention of Alpha Flight, though it does not reference the team per se, but a new beginning and you have to wonder though, if it actually has a double meaning considering the man who spoke the words.  The book ends on a series of very touching moments, one or two you may not have expected and at least one that you did and what is really wonderful to see is that despite all the press and the doom and gloom about the possible ending to this book and to the Fantastic Four, is that they were all proven wrong.  The end of this big event, the latest to come from Marvel and definitely not the last, is that it has one of the best finales out of them all.  There is no further mystery, no bodies to lie at future’s feet, simply the best kind of ending that all good stories deserve – a happy one.  Well-deserved kudos to the creative team and to Marvel for delivering a truly fantastic series that wrapped up one era of the Marvel Universe only to start it upon the next which is sure to be just as great.

5 out of 5

A-Force #1
A-Force #1

Writer – G. Willow Wilson
Artist – Jorge Molina
Colours – Laura Martin
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Spinning out of Secret Wars and its very own A-Force series is an ongoing title written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Jorge Molina that continues where the miniseries left off.  Singularity, the mysterious girl who seems to be made of the universe itself, has arrived in the 616 and is looking for her friends.  There is only one problem with that being her friends do not remember her, which is a little upsetting to say the least.  Also, there is the matter of the new villain named Antimatter who wants to destroy her.  Good thing her ‘friends’ are willing to protect her, all but one that is.  All the charm that was present in the original A-Force series is present courtesy of Wilson and Molina, whether it is through words or Singularity’s facial expressions or what have you.  The book begins with the mystery of Singularity once again, just as it did in the previous volume for once again; nobody knows who she is or just where it is that she came from.  Another mystery that rears its head is just how it is that she knows Captain Marvel and She-Hulk and Medusa?  She seems friendly enough, but already upon her first arriving, there is an evil cosmic entity that is out to put an end to her and the fact that it is on Earth and putting people in danger is unacceptable.  You can guess at least a little as to where this series is going, but as for the long term, it is all guesswork because while the book has been a good one, both this issue and the previous ones, its whole existence is wrapped around this one character and once it is solved, what then?  For now, it is highly enjoyable which is the most important thing and it is off to a really strong start.

4 out of 5

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  1. Great pair of reviews. A Force #1 sounds like its got off to a strong start. Wasn’t going to get this but think I might now. Secret Wars #9 brings the epic Marvel event to a close. Its been a huge story, some bits have worked better than others, but overall its been a great adventures, and I liked the ending.

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