Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #19 and The Vision #3

Nailbiter #19
Nailbiter #19

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Guzowski
Letters – John J. Hill

Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson continue their exploration of the small town of Buckaroo and the Nailbiter, Edward Charles Warren on two fronts as Finch and Agent Barker are off trying to catch a serial killer who is murdering former residents of the town and Sheriff Crane is back home trying to discover the town’s lost library in the hopes of finding out some clues as to who the new big bad is. As time passes, Finch just seems to get angrier as the overall mystery of the Buckaroo Butchers continues to elude everyone and with Warren reappearing and essentially talking in riddles, it only makes it more frustrating. Finch also thinks that Warren might be this new killer, to which Daniel who was the number one suspect until recently, swears Warren is not as the man was helping out all the former townspeople to lead new lives. Hard as it may be to believe, Daniel might be telling the truth, but things are never so easy, especially in this book and fate soon catches up to him, innocent or not. Williamson also reveals that maybe Reverend Fairgold is not as bad as he has been made out to seem so far, really only wanting what is best for the town and ultimately to get some justice for his son who was killed. Maybe the reverend went to unusual and somewhat extreme lengths to do so, but when you are in the middle of a crowd, sometimes you have to do something to get noticed. That revelation leaves us hanging, wondering whether Crane will take the man up on his offer of help, or if she will turn him in for impeding an ongoing investigation, though at the moment, she is not exactly a person with any authority. The biggest mystery of all, which some would say is how one small town can keep turning out serial killers, is what exactly is Warren up to. What side is he really playing for and can anybody really trust him? He is a serial killer himself and every bit of sense says no, but there is something about him that makes people want to put their faith in him. The only way to find out obviously is to keep reading and that should not be a problem.

3.5 out of 5

The Vision #3
The Vision #3

Writer – Tom King
Artist – Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Colours – Jordie Bellaire
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The Visions are not your ordinary family. They try to be, to the very best of their ability, but so far things have not really been working out for them. For one, the neighbours and the school kids are a little afraid of them, quite possibly because the Visions are synthezoids and only look human without actually being so. Vision, Avenger and patriarch of his family has no idea what is going on with his son or his wife, and as he looks after his daughter who was critically wounded by the Grim Reaper, things spiral a little out of control. Secondly, Virginia, by far the most interesting character of the bunch, only wants what is best for her husband and her kids, but something is wrong with her as she has a predilection for killing those things which offend her or which may cause harm to her family, one such being the Grim Reaper – dead at her hands. Vision of course, has no idea and Virginia has no intentions of ever telling him, being the good and dutiful wife and all that. While Virginia is starting to become a little scary, Tom King gives Vision a moment in the book that for a brief second is quite terrifying. With Tony Stark`s help, Vision is looking to bring his daughter back to full functionality and when Tony mentions that it might be impossible, Vision very calmly threatens his life and Tony having known Vision for a very long time, knows that he means it. King makes you pause there for a second because with the recent loss of Vision`s emotional center, he has become something quite different to what we have become accustomed to over the years. Come the end of the book, everything seems to end on a happy note as the family is reunited and then later that night, something unexpected happens, something the Vision probably never thought would ever come up. For the reader, it is strange indeed, but it makes you want to read more so you can find out just what is going on and will Vision finally come to understand something is wrong with his family, or will he continue to be blind when it comes to them. With outstanding artwork from Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire, The Vision is Marvel`s most unexpected, yet rewarding title.

4.5 out of 5

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