An Unnecessary… – Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Return to Sleepaway Camp can be summed up in one word – tiresome.  It begins innocently enough, or at least so much as a slasher film goes, with Alan being somewhat of a bully as well as being the target of bullies.  From there it just heads into a near endless loop of the same events, albeit with variations, until nearly the end of the film.  You start to get into it and then you begin to realize that it is highly repetitive and it starts to grate on your nerves.  returntosleepawaycamp3Perhaps if the lead of the film had been a better actor or something actually happened in the movie, it would not have been so bad, but by the time the killing started, you simply did not care whatsoever.

Michael Gibney is terrible.  You can probably blame the horrible script and story, but the whining and sniveling he does throughout the film while your ears bleed out does not endear him to you in any way. returntosleepawaycamp2You would think that perhaps you would feel a little empathetic towards him for constantly getting bullied, but you do not.  It is in fact quite the opposite and you hope that the killer will put him out of his misery sooner, rather than later.

Robert Hiltzik writes, produces and directs the film and actively ignores the second and third Sleepaway Camp films (and number four which was just a clip show) and instead, continues the continuity of the first picture.  So it is that there is no Pamela Springsteen and watching this turd of a film, you find that you sort of miss her in a very strange sort of way.  Most of the kills you have seen before and there is nothing to be afraid of, with any feeling you might have had replaced by a deep needing for the movie to be over.  When people talk about good slasher films, Return to Sleepaway Camp is not one of them and is a complete waste of your time from start to finish.

1 out of 5

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  1. I feel like there was some potential here that was missed. Maybe it’s just my love of the original speaking here, but I find myself actively seeking out things to like about this movie. The fact that all of the characters are pretty much intentionally despicable does not make it easy. Also, the cgi is completely out of place and makes me cringe.

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    • I tried to find some good, but after watching them all essentially in a row, it simply made me want to cry. You’re right, the characters are pretty awful and it really made it hard to sit through. I doubt I’ll ever watch this one again.

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