A Changed Man – Divinity Volume 1

Divinity Volume 1
Divinity is the story of Abram Adams, a young man trained to become all that he could be. It just so happened that it was for the Soviet Union and being as exceptional as he was, he was picked to man a top-secret mission, one that would take him into space where he would meet his fate and return home a changed man. Upon his arrival, Abram was more than all that he could be, he was more than what anyone could be and though it seemed as if he was looking to spread a little peace throughout the world, some took exception to that and as such, Abram would find himself in a meeting with the Unity squad.

DIVINITY_001_007Matt Kindt, one of Valiant’s top writers, not to mention one of the most talented men in all of comicdom, crafts a tale featuring a new hero, one unlike any other in the Valiant Universe, though one not out of place amongst its many beings of great power. Kindt sends Abram through many trials before his transformation, one that sees the man lead a very solitary life, except for his Russian handlers, and his days consist of training and learning, one after the next until he is called upon to serve. Unbeknownst to those same Russian handlers though, Abram has made time to fall in love and to lead something of a normal life, or at least as normal as he can make it in those few moments that he has to himself. But moments are all they are and soon Abram is sent into space, further and farther than any man has ever gone and it is there in the solitary depths that he is changed and it is then that he starts a new journey, not only back to Earth, but into himself.

The story of a man with too much power has been told a couple of times already in the Valiant Universe, though they tend to make it a little different each time they do so. The first was with Aric of Dacia wielding the X-O Manowar armour and later we had Harbinger which detailed the power struggle of two god-like men, Peter Stanchek and Toyo Harada. Power plays an important part in this universe and the authors of these tales show us what the effect of it is not only upon the men that wield it, but those around them and now with Divinity, Kindt has introduced quite possibly the most powerful being of all and it will be interesting to see what role this man plays and just how he will affect the future of this universe going forward.

Trevor Hairsine is the man tasked with bringing the tale to vivid life upon the page and with a little help from Ryan Winn and David Baron, each page fells electric even when little happens. When the action starts up though and Unity enters the picture, the book starts to crackle with excitement because they not only face Divinity/Abram, they also face his followers as a religion has sprouted up around him and the message he brings with him. The team does their best, but X-O Manowar, Ninjak, Livewire and Gilad only succeed because on some level, Divinity let them.

The story ends with Divinity being contained and his followers left without a leader, but there is a promise of more Divinity in 2016 with the same creative team and if it is even half as incredible as this book, then it will be mighty good indeed.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. This was one of my fave series from Valiant last year. Divinity was so different and special. Matt Kindt is a brilliant writer, the scope and scale of Divinity was awe inspiring, and the art by Trevor Hairsine is stunning. Great review as well!

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