Mind Capsules – Extraordinary X-Men #4 and Aquaman #47

Extraordinary X-Men #4
Extraordinary X-Men #4

Writer – Jeff Lemire
Artist – Humberto Ramos
Inker – Victor Olazaba
Colours – Edgar Delgado
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Mr. Sinister is back and he is looking to save the mutant race before they are nothing but a memory. In order to do so, it will require a little experimentation though and for that to happen, he will need some test subjects. It is a good thing then that the X-Men just happened to come along. The latest incarnation of the X-Men continues courtesy of Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos and the book is just as full of paranoia and distrust as it ever has been. While some of the X-Men face-off against one of their oldest villains, the rest are protecting X-Haven, their new home from the forces of Limbo. It is the only place that they believe they can be safe at the moment whether it be from man or Inhuman mists, yet as long as Magik is in danger, so too is X-Haven. By the way he writes, you know that Lemire understands these characters and that is essential when dealing with any of Marvel’s established properties. The interactions between the older version of Logan and the rest of the team are perhaps some of the better moments to be found in the book. The way that they all fall back into a regular pattern, as if the man had never died, had never left, is great to see though you can tell from his point of view that it is all still just a little bit weird. Mr. Sinister remains exactly that, quite the dastardly villain, especially in the way he wants to go about saving the mutants from the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists. The man has always done things in the most extreme of manners and for that reason alone, he has always stood out as one of the most unique characters that the X-Men have ever come into contact with. Dealing with Sinister is never a good thing and the ending of this book features a pretty shocking ending as it sort of answers a question the two X-Men series have been asking for a while now, but it also opens up a lot of new ones as well. The main question, should they live through whatever happens, is what will it mean for the future of mutantkind? Lemire could go in any direction with this one and it definitely gets the reader thinking, which was probably his intention, not to mention getting you to come back for more. So far, this remains the best of the X-books, but with more on the horizon it will have to be seen if it can hold onto that title.

4 out of 5

Aquaman #47
Aquaman #47

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Vicente Cifuentes
Inker – Vicente Cifuentes, Mark Irwin, Don Ho, John Dell
Colours – Guy Major
Letters – Tom Napolitano

With a little help from the Justice League, Aquaman engages the enemy forces of Thule, those people and creatures from the alternate dimension Atlantis who want to overtake our Earth. For a storyline that started out with such promise, it has become a just a shadow of what it used to be, though it still retains a little of that early strength. It is a shame as well because it could have been an epic and instead of that, we get a fairly average tale. It is not terrible, there are many storylines in many books that are worse than this one, but with every title out there trying to up their game in order to barter for your hard-earned money, this book is falling short and an average story is not going to cut it and once you lose a reader, it is hard to get them back. There are a few good moments in the book, one being the return of Mera, but overall, as this story moves on towards the end of Cullen Bunn’s tenure, it simply does not hold your interest as much as it did during its premiere.

2.5 out of 5

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