Issue by Issue – The Warlord Annual #5

Warlord_Annual_5Writer – Micheal Fleisher
Artist – Adam Kubert
Inker – Adam Kubert
Colours – Adam Kubert
Letters – Adam Kubert

The ancient Mayans look to be making a comeback and not only have they appeared, they also have flying platforms armed with lasers and are in both Skartaris and on Earth. Of course, our hero Travis Morgan, the erstwhile Warlord finds himself drawn into conflict and dragged back to Earth as a result of it. Morgan is not the only one drawn into the battle though as the CIA and other Earth forces are made aware of the Mayans and Morgan soon becomes a guest of the aforementioned CIA, an unwilling one to be sure. Eventually though, as in all sureties, our hero escapes and manages to prevail, saving the day. Michael Fleisher provides another incredibly fun tale with this extra-long story in The Warlord’s fifth annual, one that once again, finds Morgan ending up on Earth, the one place where he no longer cares to be as he now considers himself to be of Skartaris. There is no shortage of action in this issue and the pace Fleisher sets features very few breaks as the Mayans are looking to conquer. Also present is a fair amount of intrigue and suspense as the CIA wants to know at first who Morgan is, and once found out, if he is a Russian spy. There are certain things like that which date the book and the series overall just a little, but such was the time and if you look at it that way, as a period piece, you will have no problems in reading this. Sometimes it is great to have a done-in-one tale like this story, something we have not really seen in the book that features our hero doing something a little different than the norm. Morgan’s usual adventures are great, but these tales that take place almost seemingly out of continuity are just a little bit better, even more so when they have long-reaching consequences. With the added benefit of Adam Kubert on pencils, The Uxmal Encounter is a great read.

4 out of 5

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