Mind Capsules – All New Inhumans #2 and Silk #2

All New Inhumans #2
All New Inhumans #2

Writer – James Asmus, Charles Soule
Artist – Stefano Caselli
Colours – Andres Mossa
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Crystal and her team aboard the Royal Inhuman Vessel have come upon the Republic of Sin-Cong, a dictatorship that seems based upon one very similar in the real world, as they follow the Terrigen cloud across the Earth. Pins and needles would be an accurate description of how Crystal, Gorgon and the rest of the team need to act around the Commissar because if they should misstep, it would ignite a war which nobody, human or Inhuman would want. There is something strange happening in Sin-Cong though, because while the Commissar says the Terrigen Mists have not affected anyone and there are no Inhumans present, it is an impossibility that Crystal knows to be true. What she and the team finds speaks to that, but it is what to do next that plagues her. With no back-up tale to be found in this issue, our authors concentrate on telling the best story they can and it is one loaded with suspense and tension as they attempt to investigate an area of the world that is perhaps more dangerous than any other. It is a sad affair that mirrors events going on in the world today, albeit there are no superheroes or life-changing clouds to be found, but it lends an air of familiarity and authenticity to the story, making it a little more real than it would have been otherwise. One of the best things about this title is seeing Crystal in a leadership role, not only of her particular team, but in being the main character of the book as well. It has been many, many years since Crystal was used in any meaningful way and now thanks to Marvel’s plans to make the Inhumans more prominent, Crystal finally takes the spotlight, something she maybe should have had a long time ago. She is not alone here though as the rest of her team is starting to turn out to be just as interesting as her, specifically the Nuhumans like Flint, Panacea and Naja. The book also features some scorching-hot artwork from Stefano Caselli whose pencils are just absolutely beautiful. Caselli’s work on Avengers World was great, but here he is continuing to make leaps and bounds and if there is one artist to watch these days, it is he. A second Inhumans title was scoffed at initially, but it is turning out to be a really solid book thanks to the creative team involved.

4 out of 5

Silk #2
Silk #2

Writer – Robbie Thompson
Artist – Tana Ford
Colours – Ian Herring
Letters – Travis Lanham

Silk is trying her very best to be the greatest villain that anyone has ever seen, though the only person she is really trying to impress is Black Cat. Cindy needs Black Cat to believe in her so that she can find out just what it is that Black Cat is up to for S.H.I.E.L.D. and in the meantime, maybe find out what happened to her parents and why her brother is now the way he is. There is one little problem that has been hampering Cindy of late though and that is having too many things on her plate, what with a job and a personal life and trying to be both a hero and villain. It certainly does not leave any time for trivial things like eating or sleeping and Cindy is starting to feel it, but if she can do what she has set out to do, than it will all have been worth it. Continuing to pour on the tribulations our hero is feeling is Robbie Thompson who has made Silk into a similar version of a younger Peter Parker, still retaining all the things that made the Amazing Spider-Man as relatable as he was fifty years ago yet making her current for today. Cindy is still insecure, though getting more confident day by day and she is getting better at using her powers which is also a bonus. Tana Ford steps in to help pencil this book and while they are not exactly what we are used to seeing on this title, they work well and will be welcomed back any time when needed. The book is still a lot of fun and Thompson continues to pepper it with just enough mystery to keep the readers coming back for more which is always important. All things considered, Silk has been a really good book and is worthy of its place in the Spider-Man family.

3.5 out of 5

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