Mind Capsules – The Ultimates #2 and Birthright #12

The Ultimates #2
The Ultimates #2

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Kenneth Rocafort
Colours – Dan Brown
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

The Ultimates takes a fresh look at the Avengers, hence the team no longer bearing the name, and gives them a newfound purpose – that of solving problems. Big problems. While the Avengers could consider themselves problem solvers, they do it after something has already arisen and is solved usually through conflict. Here, this newly minted team including Blue Marvel, Ms. America, Captain Marvel, Spectrum and Black Panther use science and try to solve the problems that nobody can. That first big problem is one that has plagued the universe from the beginning of time and is one that goes by the name of Galactus. The problem is that Galactus does not consider himself a problem and as talking is getting them nowhere, The Ultimates, just like the Avengers, have to use a little force, though it is only as a last resort. Al Ewing, Kenneth Rocafort and the rest of the team not only fill the book with big problems, but also bid ideas and they look to be expanding the science of the Marvel Universe single-handedly. With things like Iso-8, long range teleporters and a very advanced headquarters where there is sure to be many more scientific wonders, Ewing looks to be writing the book of the Marvel Universe where big things are going to be happening. This issue also provides a detailed look at the origin of Galactus and goes back to the very beginning when he was just a simply scientist himself, looking to explore all the hidden things. Of course, his universe ended and he was transformed into the Devourer that we all know and love, but the question is posed – what if that was not the end stage of Galactus’ development? The Ultimates have concluded that it was not and thus, with a little convincing in more than one manner, they make the Destroyer of Worlds go through that last stage. What is really nice to see is that Ewing has forgone his usual trademark humour and taken a more serious turn on this book, something that was definitely needed to make it work. His run on the Mighty Avengers was a good one and really stood out from the bunch, but he is outdoing his work there on this title and reading this causes real excitement as you never know just what is going to happen or what we are going to see. With fantastic artwork on top of the already great story, The Ultimates is the perfect package.

4.5 out of 5

Birthright #12
Birthright #12

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Andre Bressan
Colours – Adriano Lucas
Letters – Pat Brosseau

Brennan and Mikey have made it to Chicago and the showdown that we have all been waiting for finally happens as brother faces brother. It has been on Brennan’s mind for a long time now and so he finally confronts Mikey about just why it is they are hunting these so-called ‘deadly’ wizards, wizards who left Terrenos, went into hiding and have not once attacked them on any level. Why do they have to be killed if they are not hurting anybody and why is Mikey so insistent on doing so? With the drama between Mikey and Brennan going down, their father Aaron has problems of his own, namely being in jail and the government wanting his help in the finding of his sons which of course, he really does not want to do. Wendy and Rya also manage to make an appearance, still on the trail of the boys and still finding resistance along the way. Everyone has it hard in this book as of late courtesy of Joshua Williamson and Andre Bressan and if it were not so, it would probably not be as entrancing as it is. Now that Brennan has questioned Mikey about the why of it all, it will now remain at the forefront of his mind until he gets some real answers and knowing Mikey, who is possessed by Lore, those answers will not be forthcoming any time soon. What is really nice to see is that the renegade wizards are now aware of Mikey’s presence on the Earth and mean to do something about it instead of getting picked off one by one. Bressan continues to do an outstanding job on his pencils, the artwork perfectly matching the fantastical tale that it is trying to tell and Williamson never fails to keep you coming back for more. For the moment though, it is hard to say just who will catch up with the Mikey and Brennan first, but you know when they do, it will cause more than a few fireworks.

3.5 out of 5

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