Mind Capsules – All-New X-Men #1 and The October Faction #11

All-New X-Men #1
All-New X-Men #1

Writer – Dennis Hopeless
Artist – Mark Bagley
Inker – Andrew Hennessy
Colours – Nolan Woodward
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Cyclops is not having an easy time of it, the young, time-tossed Cyclops that is. He never asked to be brought forward in time, to learn about the man he would soon become and to see what has happened to mutants the world over. He always had his preconceptions that kept him strong, like the fact that the Professor’s dream would come true and that he would be with Jean and he would be happy. Learning that none of it would manifest, at least for any significant amount of time, has taken its toll upon him and if it were possible, he would probably just disappear and leave the world behind. To that effect, he has distanced himself from the X-Men, but it seems like trouble will not let him be as the death of his older self has started up a movement dedicated to his cause. It is not long after when Cyclops finds himself intervening to stop the actions of these radicals and it is then that he finally meets back up with his former comrades. While the Extraordinary X-Men concentrates on the long-time members of the team, this book focuses upon the original X-Men, the younger versions of the original team brought forward in time by Hank McCoy. Though Secret Wars was a great opportunity to send them back to their timeline, they continue to reside in this one with the all-new Wolverine, namely X-23, joining them. Cyclops has always been and remains one of the more interesting mutants to ever appear in any X-Men title. The man, or the boy in this case, has always had deep convictions, often keeping his thoughts to himself and because he has always been so sure of himself at times and conflicted at others and while he always tries to be the man’s man and holds those feelings in, it is interesting to see him so distracted as he is in this book. What really needs to happen is the revealing of the eight month gap and what happened to the older Cyclops. Starting with Jeff Lemire and now with Dennis Hopeless, they paint a picture that is ever more intriguing with every mention and it seems that whatever happened then is going to be the catalyst for whatever happens here. A solid book that will hopefully get a lot better as time moves on.

3 out of 5

The October Faction #11
The October Faction #11

Writer – Steve Niles
Artist – Damien Worm
Colours – Alyzia Zherno
Letters – Shawn Lee

After Frederick’s mysterious kidnapping last issue, he has returned faster than anyone expected and without any trouble whatsoever. There is something strange about it though as he has a weird scar on his chest and soon everyone’s worries and fears are justified as Frederick attacks them without volition. Family fun with the Allan’s continues as trouble cannot seem to leave them alone and the sins of the parents come home to roost. One of those sins goes by the name of Merle Cope and he wants revenge upon the Allan’s any way that he can get it – which just so happens to be through Frederick. What is really nice to see is that despite all of the problems that they have been dealing with of late, the family pulls together in this time of crisis with father facing off against son, which you had to see coming after the last couple of issues. Frederick soon escapes their grasp though and when Dante and Lucas follow him; they discover that the Sheriff is just like Frederick, under the control of Merle Cope with a strange scar upon his chest. If there is one complaint about the series, it is the distinct lack of action. There have been short little bursts here and there, but nothing that really excites you. The October Faction is like a monster movie put down on paper and while there is nothing bad about a slow burn; you ache to see something big happen. It might look like that is about to change, though anything could literally happen, especially in this title. The book does leave off with you wondering just what will go down with the various members of the family, and more so after the cliff-hanger with Geoff and Vivian.

3 out of 5

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  1. Too bad new XMen isnt better. I was curious too see what the comics are up to now. The young versions time travel to future sounds cool. You reminded me of the old days, when I collected the 90s Jim Lee XMen. How’s the art compare to Lee’s? As for Niles, I actually really enjoyed those 30 Days of Night series and spinoffs. Great article, buddy.

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