Mind Capsules – ElfQuest: The Final Quest #12 and Jirni #4

ElfQuest The Final Quest #12
ElfQuest: The Final Quest #12

Writer – Wendy Pini, Richard Pini
Artist – Wendy Pini
Colours – Sonny Strait
Letters – Nate Piekos of Blambot

If you thought you knew all there was to know about the Wolfriders and Cutter in particular, you will most likely be in for a surprise after reading this issue. Cutter’s entire world is thrown into disarray after the revelations brought about by Timmain and some people might accept it while others might be angered. What we do know is that Wendy and Richard Pini definitely deliver a surprise with this book and with the gathering of the tribes coming to a close, how it plays out with a chieftain who may have lost his mind is now up in the air. The big reveal raises a lot of questions with the biggest being just what is going to happen next? With the elves needing Cutter maybe now more than ever in a leadership role, his inability to do so could spell possible danger for them all. In another part of Two Moons, Angrif Djun’s war fleet has made its way to a small coastal town and has proceeded to raze it with all of Djun’s new and destructive weapons. The brutality of it makes Rayek furious, especially as he watches a man murdered in cold blood and as such, he lets his rage get the better of him, letting Winnowill in which again, raises a lot of questions as to the future of the Black Snake, Rayek, Venka and the elves in general. The Pini’s go for broke with this story, packing it full of action, tension and suspense, far more than any previous issue of this series has seen thus far. Every page leaves you in anticipation, wanting more and needing answers to which all there is to do is wait. Trouble is headed towards the elves on multiple fronts and the future is more than cloudy. This book is called The Final Quest for a reason and while the Pini’s have lit a fire underneath their greatest creations, hopefully that does not mean a finality that they cannot come back from. This was a most turbulent episode in the lives of the elves and one of the best chapters this book has featured though it looks as if it is just the beginning.

4.5 out of 5

Jirni #4
Jirni #4

Writer – J.T. Krul
Artist – V. Ken Marion
Inker – Mark Roslan
Colours – Wes Hartman
Letters – Josh Reed

Despite Ara’s quest taking a backseat with this issue, she is determined to find out what Boro has in mind for the slave girls he has purchased and so it is that she infiltrates the group in the hopes of doing so. What she discovers seems harmless enough at first, at least as far as slavery goes, but soon things turn sour and Ara will free them if it is the last thing she does. Ara’s adventure continues in this issue courtesy of J.T. Krul on script and V. Ken Marion on art and while Ara may not have made any headway towards finding her mother, she cannot stand idly by while a group of women are sold into slavery and the possibility of being sent to their deaths. What follows delves into Conan territory with a dark wizard, a daring rescue and swordfights and an uncertain future for our hero and though it might seem a little clichéd, the creators of this tale make it quite a bit of fun and pack it full of excitement. The best thing about this series, aside from the story and characters and the artwork by Marion is the fact that you know Ara’s quest will not be over with this volume. You know that more is planned for her and that this is not the end, even though the next issue is the last one, or at least you really hope so. Finding her mother could take a while, or simply one more series, but as long as there is more, then the creators of this book can look forward to some happy readers. As it is, the book is quickly paced as we follow Ara and the slave girls on their journey in, and then out, of the castle. There is quite a bit of action and the book is left on a cliff-hanger ensuring you will be back for the big finale.

3.5 out of 5

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