Sunday Sessions – Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman
What can be said about Danny Elfman that has not already been said?  The man is a musical genius and has crafted the scores to dozens of well-loved films, many of those belonging to Tim Burton.  The former Oingo Boingo frontman continues to be in demand even to this day and his music is an escape, almost as much as the movie that you are watching.  In fact, would The Nightmare Before Christmas or Batman or Big Fish or Alice In Wonderland have been as good as they were without his music?  It is hard to say as you associate it so much to those films that the idea of anyone else doing it is almost ludicrous.  Many people loved the man heading up his former rock band, but it is as a composer that Danny Elfman has really succeeded and come into his own, crafting dreams with full orchestras to enchant and delight the listener.  With a great back catalogue and with a lot more on the horizon including Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Alice Through the Looking Glass, the man shows no signs of stopping which is good for us.  Give a listen to some of his work which can be found below:

Danny Elfman – L.A. Live 2013

Danny Elfman Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2013

Avengers: Age of Ultron Soundtrack

Edward Scissorhands

Alice in Wonderland


Danny Elfman interview 2010


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  1. If by come into his own you mean finally getting some but still not enough respect, maybe. In reality, it’s the many facets of his musicianship that are the real genius, and many of us miss his underrated songwriting and gorgeous singing over the unfortunate assembly-line job of churning out soundtracks for others.

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    • You are correct, the man is multitalented and does not get as much respect as say John Williams might, and it would be pretty cool to see him do a reunion tour or even a solo album that was not simply a soundtrack. As it is though, he does a great job at what he does now and his record speaks to that.


    • To compose songs for a film soundtrack shows an extraordinary amount of his talent anyway, it’s a little bit more involved than an assembly line ‘churning’ out songs. For a song to enhance a scene, make it incredible, terrifying, devastating or unforgettable even, that takes real talent.

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