Mind Capsules – Birthright #11 and Squadron Sinister #4

Birthright #11
Birthright #11

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Andrei Bressan
Colours – Adriano Lucas

After the events of the last few issues, a little break is needed for the brothers, especially as Mikey has a wee bit of explaining to do to Brennan to prove that he is not the personification of Lore’s evil. Mikey realizes that he needs to assuage Brennan’s fears and if he cannot do so, then it may spell the end of them as brothers, endanger the mission and possibly more. Joshua Williamson continues to spin this tale of good and evil in both the past and present, on Earth and in Terrenos. The present finds Mikey weaving a story of his past for Brennan that sees him a little older after his seeming disappearance and learning that his fate is more important to Terrenos than most. It is a lesson that Mikey refuses to learn and as such, sets off to rescue a girl from certain death and putting his own life at risk in the process. Many questions are raised come the end of the book such as how did Lore infect Mikey and just how much has it affected him? Is he truly just a pawn of Lore through and through or is there something left of the man, of the child inside? Brennan is told by the Diviner to be aware and pay attention, not that he needed any prompting. Having your brother come back a fully grown man after only a few years away is one thing and strange in itself, having him come back a spawn of evil is another thing altogether. Williamson has woven a tangled web for our characters thus far and it remains to be seen just where it goes, but with such great characterization and with a simple, yet creative way of storytelling, you cannot help but be enchanted by the book. Making each page a thing of beauty is Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas who continue to chronicle the adventures of Mikey alongside Williamson with each complimenting the other quite perfectly. Fun, adventurous and exciting are three words that sum up Birthright and yet, are in themselves, not enough to describe just how good this book is.

4 out of 5

Squadron Sinister #4
Squadron Sinister #4

Writer – Marc Guggenheim
Artist – Carlos Pacheco
Inker – Mariano Taibo
Colours – Frank Martin

All of Nighthawk’s plans and scheming’s come to fruition in this last issue, though with some unintended consequences he probably never planned for. Every book that has spun out of Secret Wars has essentially fairly enjoyable, but there is just something a little extra special about reading a book solely filled with villains, those who think they can trust each other when nothing could be further from the truth. These characters, as originally conceived by Mark Gruenwald, have always been extremely intriguing despite the fact that they are Justice League analogues and it has been quite some time since they had a title to themselves. So it is with this book that Marc Guggenheim has crafted a great little story filled with betrayal and murder and even though it takes place in the patchwork planet of Battleworld, it is kept separate from the main events that are unfolding in Jonathan Hickman’s series, standing alone to tell the story it needs to tell. As it is, Nighthawk gets what is coming to him and not from who you might expect, or maybe you would if you thought about it, and not until after he has gotten rid of the rest of his team including Hyperion who is defeated by his very own hands. The battle between the two is exciting and eventful as Nighthawk would normally be completely outclassed, but with the precautions he has taken, Hyperion never really stood a chance. With great action and a fun, compelling story, Squadron Sinister was a dastardly good read and it is hopeful that the ongoing series by James Robinson is half as good as this one turned out to be.

4 out of 5

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