Mind Capsules – Thors #4 and The October Faction #10

Thors #4
Thors #4

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Chris Sprouse
Inker – Karl Story
Colours – Israel Silva

The murderer of Beta Ray Thor stands revealed as his brother-in-arms, Rune Thor. All of the deaths that have been taking place, those bodies of Jane Foster and one Donald Blake are now considered solved and Loki, free and clear. Thorlief feels like a fool that he did not see it sooner and on top of those feelings, all that bubbles forth is anger and astonishment that a member of the Thor Corps could do as such to one of their own. Wrapping up this tale of betrayal is Jason Aaron, Chris Sprouse and Karl Story and they do so by leading it straight into Secret Wars #7. So while there is an ending, it continues on in the main event book and just what the outcome will be, at least for now, is unknown. Ultimate Thor gets a little help this issue courtesy of Thor the Unworthy, that one which we know as the regular 616 version of the character, or the Odinson. As they fight Rune Thor and the Destroyer Thor, it does not look as if either side will really come out on top as they are fairly matched for the most part. There is a certain Thor which makes an appearance in the book, setting the stage for that crucial scene in the latest issue of Secret Wars and it is a little surprising that there was not at least some version of this Thor in at least one of the books to come out of this event. Thinking on it though, you realize that there might be a reason for that which becomes apparent. Chris Sprouse does a fantastic job on the pencils for the book and if there is one thing you realize because of them, it is that Sprouse does not do enough comics work and needs to have a regular title in the Marvel Universe to call his own. The final two pages are simply awesome in their portent. It remains to be seen what Jason Aaron does when the regular Thor title starts back up, but if those last two pages are anything to go by, then the man has big plans going forward and/or Marvel are considering some sort of spinoff title. The only negative, if there is one to be found, is that this final issue seemed a little rushed. Other than that, the whole series has been quite a good little murder-mystery, offering a little insight into Doom’s elite peacekeeping force and giving Ultimate Thor one last chance in the spotlight.

4 out of 5

The October Faction #10
The October Faction #10

Writer – Steve Niles
Artist – Damien Worm
Colours – Alyzia Zherno

Geoff and Vivian are just a little mad at their parents, at least those who claim to be as such and Geoff a little more so than Vivian. He is angry because his parents, Frederick and Delores, killed his birth parents. That he found this out alongside the fact that they were then adopted by their birth parent’s murderers makes things just a little worse. Delores and Frederick cannot really be blamed though as they were monster hunters at the time when they committed the act, of which Geoff and Vivian’s parents just so happened to be. Robotface understands, even if it took him a little while to get to this point and he knows exactly where the twins are coming from as the Allan’s murdered his parents too. So while the kids soak in their rage, someone else has dastardly plans for them and for the Allan’s. Damien Worm continues to bring this tale to wonderful and slightly unsettling life and his pencils are so good and so perfectly suited to a tale such as this that you cannot imagine anyone else ever doing it any justice. Steve Niles deserves a little credit too though, as bringing this dysfunctional family to life takes a bit of story as well and he crafts one that keeps you coming back every single month. While the book has mainly focused upon the parents, the children are just as important and in this issue we get to see them essentially go solo. Not a lot happens action-wise, but building your characters up is just as essential and Niles does so perfectly here. What is really interesting to note is how down-to-earth Robotface has become after everything that went down. At this point, he probably realizes that Frederick and Delores actually do care about him and to have that is something special indeed. Though all of the characters are quite compelling, you cannot help but be drawn back to Robotface issue after issue. The October Faction is a good book, one that gets better all the time and is one that everyone should be reading.

4 out of 5

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