Mind Capsules – All New, All Different Avengers #1 and Secret Wars #7

All New, All Different Avengers #1
All New, All Different Avengers #1

Writer – Mark Waid
Artist – Adam Kubert, Mahmud Asrar
Colours – Sonia Oback, Dave McCaig

For a first issue and an Avengers one at that, there is not a whole lot of Avenger-ing going on. While it may seem like it is off to a slow start, it definitely is not a bad book, far from it and you can see the beginnings of the new team in progress as Mark Waid brings in Iron Man, Captain America and the Ultimate Spider-Man together. As is explained, there really is no proper Avengers team at the moment when this book opens as nobody counts Sunspot’s Avengers as well as discounting the Unity Squad over in Uncanny Avengers, so for the moment, if one were looking for the team, they simply do not exist. The book sees a bit of action, with Captain America making a save, Spider-Man getting a beat-down and then he, Cap and Iron Man all collectively getting defeated at the hands of a Chitauri. Not an auspicious start for a team that is not yet a team. The book also happens to feature a back-up tale with Nova and Ms. Marvel seeing some action against a very large creature from the Microverse. Though the two obviously like each other, trying to act what most would call normal around each other does not exactly work out and by the end of the encounter, they take leave of each other with their opinions changed, though how long that will last, time will tell. The second part of the book is a lot more entertaining than the first though both manage to be quite fun and it should be an interesting team dynamic once everyone is assembled and ready to go, especially as it looks to be like they will be facing a pretty powerful foe. The artwork by Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar is quite good and our heroes look as they should. Hopefully the book will not continue being split with multiple stories and instead feature full issue stories. Back-up tales are nice, but not at the cost of dragging the main plot out for longer than it needs to be. All in all, the All New, All Different Avengers is off to a decent start, not as good as some books that have come out, but better than others.

3.5 out of 5

Secret Wars #7
Secret Wars #7

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Esad Ribic
Colours – Ive Svorcina

The latest issue of Secret Wars holds quite a few surprises but the one that surprises the most is just how fast a read the book is. While past issues too time to get through, this one was very quickly-paced and was literally over before you knew it. Sometimes that is a good thing and at times it is not, but here, after six issues the action finally picks up as the Prophet’s army has reached Doom’s stronghold at the World Tree and it is there that they face Doom’s generals in open battle. With this issue, Jason Aaron reveals just who the Prophet is, and it is a little shocking to say the least, and it also finds that not everybody that serves Doom does so with the utmost confidence. In fact, as the battle wears on, Sinister changes sides, Doom’s army Thors are in revolt and the battle which should have been a clear-cut win for God Doom, is not going so well. Elsewhere, we are shown the two Reed’s who are working together, starting to enact their plan and you have to wonder as Ultimate Reed Richards will not try to sabotage it in some way to gain whatever power there is for himself. Black Panther raises an army while Namor somewhat helps and it is not so much as jaw-dropping to see the Panther do as such, as it is the mere sight of it. Esad Ribic’s pencils are bold and fill you with wonder with every turn of the page and there are a few standout moments where they really shine, one being Panther’s army and another, the reveal of the Prophet and lastly the cliff-hanger that the book is left on. One question that immediately comes to mind is why Doom had not involved himself in the affairs that are taking place below his castle. For all intents and purposes, the man is a god and could supposedly end it all without breaking a sweat. The fact that he has not is either a bold move on his part, or one that will cement what all of those in opposition claim him to be – not as all-powerful as he would like everyone to think he is. Everything is leading up to the finale and you just know with what has happened thus far, that it will be a showstopper.

4 out of 5

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