Issue by Issue – The Warlord #107

The Warlord #107Writer – Micheal Fleisher
Artist – Ron Randall
Inker – Ron Randall
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Duncan Andrews

Morgan faces off against a terrifying creature who has been purposed to mate with Shakira by its servants, the Sons of Yaug. Still on his quest to save his daughter, Morgan with Shakira and Daimon have traversed many a peril and coming upon what seems like an abandoned city after losing all of their supplies seems like good fortune. Things are not what they seem though as the city is not as empty as it was thought to be and you know that something is up when its inhabitants make special note of Shakira, pointedly saying they have not seen a woman in quite some time. Michael Fleisher throws another roadblock into our hero’s path and while it seems a little incredulous that one man could run into so much trouble, when it comes to Travis Morgan, the man is a literal magnet for everything that could ever go possibly wrong with anything. This particular story is fantastic in the most basic sense that it is like an old-fashioned monster movie. The creature is held captive by its so-called worshippers, it has a great, one-syllable name like many of the great monsters have and the Sons of Yaug believe that their race will continue if Yaug mates with Shakira which in itself, is ludicrous. Nothing more is revealed about Shakira’s origins in this story or even alluded to and it looks like Daimon is going to be sticking around for a while which is a good thing. There is also the secondary plot of Machiste and Mariah which finds them being held captive and tortured for their fears. The way things are going for the two of them looks to be just as bad as it does for Morgan. If there is one thing you can count on though, that is our heroes eventually winning in the end, even when things look pretty terrible. A well-crafted and entertaining and story by Fleisher and Ron Randall.

4 out of 5

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