Issue by Issue – The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior #1

The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior #1Writer – Mary Jo Duffy
Artist – Bret Blevins
Inker – Vince Colletta
Colours – Andy Yanchus
Letters – Jim Novak

The first issue of Crystar introduces us to the titular hero and his brother Moltar, both princes of the realm and who are both going to take the throne and split the responsibilities that come with it. You know immediately that it will not work because it never does, but the brothers seem to have an easy relationship and thus they believe there will not be any problems. But like any family and like any siblings, there is a rivalry present and though it may not be completely evident to the brothers, Moltar is jealous of Crystar even though he keeps it buried down deep and soon, that jealousy manifests itself in the worst possible way. The book starts out with some very familiar tropes which give the story a feel of familiarity and it soon introduces the conflict which will place brother against brother. Written by Mary Jo Duffy, she introduces the prophecy of Chaos to the world of Crystalium, that which will transform Moltar and his subjects into Lava Men and Crystar and his allies into Crystal Warriors. It is nothing that they ever expected to happen to themselves, but Moltar, after thinking he killed his uncle Feldspar and his brother soon after, realizes that he needs power and after receiving an offer from the chaos wizard Zardeth, he accepts it. Ogeode, a wizard for good, seeing that Crystar is in need of help before he actually dies, transforms him into a being made of crystal and those who wish to aid him, join him on that journey, being transformed themselves. Though the plot of the book is your simple good vs. evil, Duffy makes it compelling and exciting. Marvel was no stranger to publishing sword and sorcery comics, but this was something just a little bit different, venturing just a little bit further into the realm of the fantastic and it worked out perfectly. Joining Duffy on art would be Bret Blevins who would bring the story to life, filling it with both wonder and horror. With a ton of action to be had and drama not only between brothers but lovers and friends as well, the book starts off right, drawing you in and making you want to come back for more. As far as first issues go, everything was spot on and could hardly be better.

4 out of 5

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