Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #2 and Karnak #1

Amazing Spider-Man #2
Amazing Spider-Man #2

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inker – Cam Smith
Colours – Marte Gracia

Peter has a plan. Peter always has a plan though usually it is spur of the moment. Here, while it looks as if Peter does not have a plan, he actually does have a plan and while it looks like he is enacting that plan with The Prowler who is now his employee, he is actually enacting a secondary plan that Prowler is unaware of. So as stated, Peter always has a plan, it just takes a while sometimes to get going. This book continues straight off the action that began in the first issue and it sees Spidey going after the Zodiac gang to try and retrieve his stolen tech before it can be deciphered. Dan Slott makes it as fun and as exciting as the first issue and it is good to see that the book is keeping that same level of adventure going. This new era of Spider-Man is an interesting one indeed as it no longer features the same teenage Spider-Man that we were all used to seeing. Now he is a somewhat confidant man, though all those same fears he had about putting his family and friends in danger still remain for how could they not? One of the things that make this book so intriguing is that Peter has employees now and that he himself owns a global corporation. Where once our hero had to strive and fight for rent money, now he helps to pay other people’s rent and it is a great evolution of the character, one that perhaps was a little overdue, but is completely welcome now that it is here. There is some action of course and Giuseppe Camuncoli brings it to vivid life on the page as Spidey goes after the Zodiac. The Zodiac are a curious choice as a first villain for the book, but they have been underutilized for many years, so shaking the dust off and giving them a bit of a makeover was due to happen at some point. There is little of the supporting cast shown in this particular issue which is fine as it is good to see more of the Prowler, who technically is a supporting cast member and another character that has never really been used to his full potential. All in all, the book continues to be really enjoyable and it will be a lot of fun to see where it leads next.

4 out of 5

Karnak #1
Karnak #1

Writer – Warren Ellis
Artist – Gerardo Zaffino
Colours – Dan Brown

If there was one Inhuman that deserved a solo title aside from Black Bolt, it would be Karnak, though a Triton book might be pretty good too. It is also a little strange to see him receive a solo title as he has never had one before and he is not exactly the most animated of heroes. In fact, none of the Inhuman royal family are the most accessible of characters if you really take a look at them, but it is good to see that Marvel is trying to change that, despite the protesters who think that they deserve otherwise. This story sees Karnak for the solemn being that he is; one who prefers to teach at the Tower of Wisdom than one that goes on missions to actively protect any one person or people. When the mood suits him or when the king or queen demand or when the price is right though, Karnak will venture forth to do what he must and here, he is sent to rescue a boy from the hands of I.D.I.C., a new clandestine organization in the Marvel Universe. The story by Warren Ellis is utterly captivating because Karnak is treated like the ultimate man of mystery, an Inhuman Jason Bourne as it were and it works exceptionally well. The pencils by Gerardo Zaffino have a raw energy about them that really make the pages flow by unlike any others and watching the Inhuman in action is a thing of beauty. The book is left off with the man in action as he infiltrates the I.D.I.C. base and there is no doubt that he will be successful, though we will have to wait until the second issue to know that for sure. Some first issues start out rough, this one did not and it stands as an example of how to do it right and how to keep your readers coming back for more.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. Fun to see Spiderman and Prowler working on this underwater mission, Amazing Spider-Man #2 was a good issue, and the new direction for the series clearly shows a lot of potential. I haven’t got around to Karnak #1 yet, but on the strength of your review I think I will have to give this one a look.

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