Dancing With the Stars – Halloween!

Having never seen this show before this year, I have to admit that I’ve been super excited all week to see the Halloween episode tonight. And judging from the opening, I don’t think we’re going to be disappointed. And I have to say, I love that Leah Remini is standing in for Erin again this week. I love her. I wouldn’t be upset if she became the full-time co-host.

Nick and Sharna (Argentine Tango)

Nick acknowledges that Carrie Ann has been particularly hard on him this season (and on everyone else too, it seems), so he really wants to improve his game to impress her. Unfortunately, rehearsal had to take a back seat to a BSB gig that he’d had in New York, so they didn’t get as much time to perfect their moves. Still, I thought it was a great dance. He looked determined and focused throughout the whole dance, something Carrie Ann praised him for. Julianne and Bruno were a little harder on him. She said his moves were clunky. He said it was more Paso Doble than Tango.

Score: 24

Hayes and Emma (Waltz)

Hayes has been frustrated this week because he didn’t get great scores last week. He’s also really feeling the pressure of the show – he’s the youngest star and he’s still growing up, so he’s feeling overwhelmed. But you’d never know it based on the performance. He looks really mature and elegant as he dances. He stands really tall, and he really looks like a leading man, as Julianne says. Bruno compares him to Jacob from Twilight and says that his lines were beautifully controlled. Carrie Ann says he was incredible, but his chin wasn’t high enough in the beginning.

Score: 26

Alexa and Mark (Paso Doble)

Alexa was almost sent home last week, so she’s really feeling the pressure this week too. It’s clear that her confidence is shaken a little bit, but it’s also made her more determined to make it through to the next round. She’s in tears a few times, but she really pulls it off during the performance. I love that they pay tribute to Edward Scissorhands. They both really play their roles well, and the dance is really good. She looks confident and commanding. She’s great to watch. Carrie Ann comments that she was finally out of her own head and just danced. I’m not really sure what Julianne was getting at, but it had something to do with consistency. Bruno said it was a real Paso, but was also pure Tim Burton at the same time.

Score: 27

Tamar and Val (Foxtrot)

Tamar definitely has more confidence now since getting the perfect score last week, and Val feels the change in her too. He says that he finally feels like she’s opening up to him a little bit. Too bad it didn’t really come through in the dance. She does really well in the moments when she’s dancing by herself, as always, but as the judges point out, when she’s dancing with Val, there is still a disconnect between them. They’d made a few mistakes, and all the judges criticized her for it. But, Carrie Ann says that she’s the most natural mover of all the stars, so she’s got that going for her.

Score: 24

Andy and Allison (Paso Doble)

Everyone really appears to be feeling the pressure this week. The ones who did poorly last week are determined to up their game and the ones who did well last week, like Andy, are struggling to stay on top. Both Andy and Allison are frustrated during rehearsals when they can’t get the moves right. But they both are still determined to keep their great scores. I don’t think he did as well this week as he did last week. Every time he lifted his hands over his head, it looked half-hearted to me, but then, at other times, he looked totally badass. Bruno confirms my opinion when he says that his shape was all wrong when he lifted his arms, and the ladies agree, but they both think that it worked in his favour this week. Julianne said she was turned on by the performance.

Score: 26

Bindi and Derek (Argentine Tango)

It seems like Bindi’s task this week is to try to be scary, since she’s going to be the queen of the vampires. This is obviously a tough task for her, since she couldn’t scare anyone to save her life. But she sure looks fierce during her performance. The moves are spot on, and she and Derek move as one, as always. The judges, not surprisingly, are all about these two this week. Julianne says they’re on a whole other level from the other dancers, and Bruno calls it an Argentine Tango masterclass.

Score: 30

Alek and Lindsay (Viennese Waltz)

Alek thinks that he should’ve been given a much better score last week. He’s not sure why the judges were so hard on him considering his dance had been so good. I’m not sure I like that kind of attitude, assuming he’s so good and that the judges were wrong, especially when Lindsay says that he’s not giving it his all in rehearsal. So they bring in Artem to give him a lesson, and it really seems to work. Between Artem and Lindsay, they seem to kick Alek into gear, and he does better this week. I still think he seems a little bit mechanical, but he does give a little more expression this time around. Carrie Ann and Julianne note the return of the old Alek (which is a good thing) and Bruno says he was more dynamic and present this week. He’s moving in the right direction.

Score: 25

Carlos and Witney (Paso Doble)

Carlos seems to have the opposite attitude that Alek had this week: He thinks the judges over scored him last week because he’d made a few mistakes. I have to say, I like that he’s humble. He’s having a little bit of trouble this week learning how to use a cape on top of learning the steps of the dance, but Witney isn’t going to go easy on him, and I’m glad she doesn’t, and I’m sure that he’s glad she doesn’t too. His dance is very good. He looks like a matador out there, though there’s a little too much smoke on the dance floor. The judges all love the dance as well. Bruno says it was almost perfect and loved the grand operatic feel. Carrie Ann says he anticipated the beat a few times, but he excelled. Julianne seems to be a little offended that he thought she over scored him, but she says he nailed it this week.

Score: 28

Team Dances

Team Nightmare

This group consists of captain Nick, Hayes, Tamar and Andy, and I just want to say that this dance is absolutely incredible. I love Tim Burton, so dancing to This is Halloween in Beetlejuice style outfits is totally up my alley. The moves are all spot on. It’s almost like watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, in that the moves are all very sudden and almost broken-looking. Hayes in particular stands out. I don’t know how he can makes his body look so disjointed in the most amazing way possible, but it’s something I definitely want to watch again. All the judges gush over the performance. Julianne says it was one of the best team dances ever. Bruno says it was a monster smash. Carrie Ann thinks the other team should be worried.

Score: 30

Team Who You Gonna Call

This group consists of captain Bindi, Carlos, Alexa and Alek, and already, I’m not too impressed. Apparently Derek has never lost a team dance, but I think this might be his first one. Right from the beginning, the girls are out of sync with each other, and that sort of sets the stage for the rest of the performance. The couples part of the dance is okay, and the lifts are good (especially Carlos and Witney’s, as it’s done on wheels), but other than a few seconds of truly in sync group work, the whole thing felt disjointed to me. Bruno and Carrie Ann both point out the offbeat ladies in the beginning, though I don’t believe Julianne when she says she didn’t see it. Maybe the smoke was in her eyes. Either way, Julianne basically admits the other team has won, but that these guys really came out and had fun with it. I’m sure that’s just what they wanted to hear.

Score: 28

Elimination time! Since all the sub-par dancers are now gone, it’s really anyone’s game at this point. Still, I was sure that tonight would be Alexa and Mark’s time to go home. And they are in the bottom three, along with Hayes and Emma and Tamar and Val. Of the three of them, my vote would’ve been for Tamar to go, as I’m not too impressed with her attitude, but sadly, it’s Hayes and Emma that are out of the competition. I’m shocked, considering the number of fans he’s got, but the votes don’t lie. Goodbye Hayes! We’ll miss you!

Well, that’s it for tonight! Who do you think will be the next one to go? Did Hayes’s elimination change your opinion of who will win it all? Let me know! And we’ll see you next week!

– Rebecca

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