Mind Capsules – The New Avengers #1 and Hellbreak #7

The New Avengers #1
The New Avengers #1

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Gerardo Sandoval
Colours – Dono Sanchez Almara

The second title to bear the name Avengers makes itself known and it marks the series debut of Al Ewing as writer and Gerardo Sandoval on art. The title immediately sets itself apart as this is a completely different team funded by Roberto da Costa, more commonly known as Sunspot. In this new Marvel universe, they also go by the moniker that had once belonged to one of their enemies, that of A.I.M. or Avengers Idea Mechanics and consists of Hulkling, Wiccan, Songbird, Power Man, White Tiger and Squirrel Girl. They also pick up a new team member later on in the form of Hawkeye, spy for S.H.E.I.L.D. as the spy organization does not really completely trust the team at the moment, or at all as a matter of fact. As you read the book you can see a little of Ewing’s Mighty Avengers sensibilities and plots carry over into this book – a little humour, some action and a bit of the personal relationship between White Tiger and Power Man. If you read the zero issue of Avengers that was released previously, you will find that the Maker has also survived Secret Wars and now seems to be the main villain of the book, at least for now, and is up to no good whatsoever. One of the most interesting aspects of the book is having Dum Dum Dugan involved as a supporting character, though as many will remember Dugan actually died some time back as chronicled in Original Sin, with the character appearing here simply being a life model decoy, possessing all the thoughts and feelings of the original Dugan as well as being quite aware of that fact too. It is wonderful to see Songbird back in action, as well as some of the Young Avengers team and what Squirrel Girl is going to add aside from humour remains to be seen, but Ewing always has a plan. Sandoval’s artwork is bright and electric and it gives the book a real energy which is essential for any new number one. With a healthy mix of elements that make an Avengers book great, the second title to premiere can consider itself a win on all fronts.

4 out of 5

Hellbreak #7
Hellbreak #7

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Brian Churilla
Colours – Gonzalo Duarte

The current issue of Hellbreak sees Cullen Bunn and Brian Churilla put Nadia in the spotlight as she ponders her life, those things that were done to her and the things that happened to her and her life choices overall. She cannot help wondering now, after helping so many people to escape Hell, those poor souls who would have been lost if not for the Kerberos team, if that is where she is headed. She has lived through some very bad times and we are privy to all of it and due to all of those unfortunate events, she cannot fathom anything good ever happening to herself, much less her afterlife. While you have to expect an occasional break from all the action and whatnot, it is a little unfair as Bunn and the rest of the creative team have been doing such a good job at making this title so enjoyable and so compelling that we want to continue on with the main tale more than anything else. This particular story, an origin tale for Nadia was good and just as captivating as anything else that has been in the book, but with all of the suspense, tension, horror and mystery, wanting to see what comes next is only natural. And the book, while not really advancing any of the main plot points established in previous issues, features all of those formerly mentioned attributes, simply applied in a different, yet just as effective way. Oni continues to publish new and interesting books all the time with Hellbreak being an extremely fun ride in the horror genre.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I haven’t read Hellbreak, but on the strengths of your review, I think I will have to check this one out. I did enjoy New Avengers #1 though, Marvel are brining out so many good books atm, we are spoilt for choice. A great new Avengers title!

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