Mind Capsules – Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 and Harrow County #6

Captain America Sam Wilson #1
Captain America: Sam Wilson #1

Writer – Nick Spencer
Artist – Daniel Acuna

People love Captain America. They always have and they always will, or at least you would assume so. It seems that in wanting to do some good, Sam Wilson has put his foot in his mouth and earned the public’s revile. Some of it anyway. This fresh start for our resident patriotic hero is a fresh one indeed for it sees the man no longer loved by the public at large, or S.H.I.E.L.D. as a matter of fact and he now finds things a little harder to accomplish because of that. Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna usher in a new era for Captain America and for Sam Wilson specifically as the man finds himself ostracized for wanting to the best job he possibly could. Perhaps he did it in the wrong way, or maybe he just phrased the message wrong, but the man is a good one and so too were his intentions. Putting all of that aside, there is still some action to be found within these pages as Cap goes up against Hydra during the beginning of the book and the new Sons of the Serpent towards the end. There is also a little time for humour and Spencer realizes it through the act of Cap flying coach on an airplane and having to deal with the public. There is also the addition of Misty Knight to the supporting cast which is fantastic as she has been highly under-utilized of late and there is also the chance that she may end up being a love interest as well. While it might have seemed like things would just end up being status quo with the character, Spencer and Acuna have turned things around and made Sam’s world one of conflict and uncertainty, not to mention entertaining. How the man deals with his newfound notoriety will be intriguing to see, but knowing the creators, it should make for good reading.

4 out of 5

Harrow County #6
Harrow County #6

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Tyler Crook

Emmy has had a lot of surprises happening in her life as of late, but perhaps none so much as finding out that she has a twin sister. Being a reincarnated witch might come really close, but finding out that there is another like her is something she never expected. Of course Kammi, for that is the sister’s name, is overjoyed as well though she seems to have bigger intentions on her mind than just a happy family reunion. There is little going on in the book compared to others in the series, but that does not stop it from being just as eerie with an undercurrent of horror on every page. You can tell right away that Kammi is going to be bad news, both for the town and for Emmy. That is soon confirmed and it leaves things up in the air for our protagonist, not that she knows any of this yet. The best thing about this book is the fact that it always feels like something is going to happen, even when nothing does. Like that undercurrent of horror, there is also a bit of tension and suspense, like something crawling just under the skin and it is both thrilling and infuriating. Tyler Crook’s artwork is as amazing as ever and while Cullen Bunn’s story is a good one, it would be nothing without his partner in crime to help him out. It is a partnership that is rare in comics, one that is perfect in every respect and this book could not be any better. Harrow County will not only entertain the horror fan, but everybody who loves great storytelling.

4.5 out of 5

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