Issue by Issue – The Warlord #105

Warlord_Vol_1_105Writer – Micheal Fleisher
Artist – Ron Randall
Inker – Ron Randall
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Duncan Andrews

If it is not one thing then it is another as Morgan encounters one crisis after another. In trying to get aid for his dying daughter, Travis has been told what needs to happen, but along the way he has encountered people in need of his help and he finds it impossible to ignore or to say no when asked for aid. Though all of Morgan’s adventures of late have been extremely entertaining as chronicled by Michael Fleisher, you have to wonder how many obstacles life will put in his path before he can accomplish his goal or how many stories Fleisher will pad the storyline out with. It is not exactly a new phenomenon to take place in the book, but sometimes things tend to run their course and this title is guilty of letting things go on for far too long. At the moment, it has only been a few issues of distractions for our hero, but eventually, it would be nice to see a little headway made on the main plot. The new creatures introduced in this issue are quite interesting and it is good to see Morgan in action with Shakira at his side once more. An interesting theory arises about Shakira’s past, or at least a possible one and whether that gets explored or not is to be seen, but it would be nice to see a definitive origin for one of the best characters in the book. While Morgan and Shakira are busy in one part of the issue, Machiste and Mariah are still making their way back to Kiro and they may just be too late to stop the kingdom from falling into enemy hands. All in all, a really well-done issue and one that is superbly drawn by Ron Randall to add a little icing on the cake.

4 out of 5

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