Do You Dare Risk… – The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1964)

The plot to the first sequel in Hammer’s Mummy series, The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, is nothing we have not seen before. If finds a group of Egyptologists discover a new tomb along with the mummy inside of it and so decide to take it back to London where they do a show, cut the seals on the casket and then bear the fruits of their labours later when the newly revived mummy starts to kill them all. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 36The one thing this film manages to do is provide a neat little twist not featured in any of the previous films made by any studio. Taken for what it is, it is not as good as some of those previous films, but every movie is someone’s first and if you ignore all that has come before, it is a decently produced picture that many might enjoy.

The worst part of the film was the mummy itself, though many tend to think it was the strongest part. Though these films require little in the way of special effects or makeup, literally just bandages and whatever else goes into the making of the creature, it was a little shoddier than we are used to seeing. Another strike against the monster was that Dickie Owen, the man underneath the costume, failed to walk as a mummy and instead looked more like a normal man when doing so. If one is making a horror film and it all centers around one central character, then the least they can do is make that character, mummy or not, as frightening and effective as possible and here, that was simply not the case. Thankfully, the mood of the film, at least during the latter half, matched the genre and it became fairly suspenseful, not to mention eerie at times when you knew the mummy was going to strike. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 31There were a few lighthearted moments and some drama between the players to keep it interesting and overall, the film was a nice little chiller, even if the creature was not up to par.

There was a lot of dialogue and a lot of talking in the film, perhaps more than the last film even and while it is not usually a bad thing, it took a long time to get to the point where we finally see the mummy in action. Some may get bored waiting for it and it is perfectly understandable, but once it gets going, it is not all that bad. The cast includes Terence Morgan, Ronald Howard, Fred Clark, Michael Ripper and Jeanne Roland with Clark and Roland being the best of the bunch. None of them can even hope to compare to Cushing or Lee from the first film, but they are not trying to and they bring their own skills and charm to the table, different though they may be. Roland looks great, which is a must for any woman appearing in a Hammer film though her accent is quite thick at times and is definitely a bright spot in the movie. Michael Carreras, the man who directed, produced and wrote the film, did a fair job and though it is no masterpiece, it is a modest popcorn movie that will fill up a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

3 out of 5
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb 27

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