Mind Capsules – Starve #5 and The October Faction #9

Starve #5
Starve #5

Writer – Brian Wood
Artist – Danijel Zezelj
Colours – Dave Stewart

When last we saw Gavin, he was about to take up the second challenge on the latest episode which is a battle that nobody would think he could win. They obviously do not know Gavin very well for most often in life, when he is determined to do something, he succeeds. The creative team keep the pressure up on the contestants and the suspense running for the reader as we watch Gavin try and defeat his ex-wife at her own game. It is not as easy as he would like as she has all of his money and his show at her disposal while he only has himself and his talent. In the end though, Greer will find herself surprised as Gavin continues to come out on top at every turn. There are a couple of shocking moments in the book, one involving Greer and one involving Roman, the former violent in nature and the latter surprising to say the least. With these events taking place, you now wonder just what is going to happen to these three particular players in the game and how it will affect the competition going forward, not to mention Gavin’s relationship with his daughter. Speaking of Angie, she and Gavin do a little apologizing and it ends the book on a hopeful note despite the predicted action that will soon take place. Brian Wood’s writing is as good as ever and it seems a lot more exciting than it has been in quite some while, even amongst his other books. The same can be said of Danijel Zezelj whose artwork is simply fantastic and perfectly suited for this tale of revenge and redemption. This slightly different future where celebrity chefs are almost revered is truly fascinating and something that until now, has never been explored on the comic page. Starve is fast becoming one of Image’s best books at the moment.

4 out of 5

The October Faction #9
The October Faction #9

Writer – Steve Niles
Artist – Damien Worm
Colours – Alyzia Zherno

The Allan children have been through a lot in their training to become monster hunters, but Frederick has one more test for them, a trial by fire as it were. Geoff, Vivian and Robotface do not think anything will come of it simply for the fact that the last test is against facing a human, more specifically their mother. But she is playing for keeps because if her kids are going to be put in harm’s way, they are definitely going to be ready. Steve Niles and Damien Worm continue the adventures of their Munsters/Addams Family-type characters and the book remains a lot of fun as we see them face off against each other. There is one fairly humourous moment in the book when Delores thinks that she might not be able to hunt down her kids without a little help and thus takes a little Mr. Hyde potion. It was a nice touch by Niles and it shows that the influences in this book run far and wide across the realm of horror. Worm’s artwork is as good as ever and making each issue an exciting look at the lives of this family. Though there have not been any really exciting cliff-hangers to have been seen in the book up to this point, Niles leaves this issue on one that could have some lasting ramifications for this very strange family, that is if they cannot overcome them. A good issue all around and it will be very interesting to see where the book goes from here.

3.5 out of 5

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