Mind Capsules – Avengers #0 and Paper Girls #1

Avengers #0
Avengers #0

Writer – James Robinson, Mark Waid, Gerry Duggan, Al Ewing, G. Willow Wilson
Artist – Leonard Kirk, Mahmud Asrar, Ryan Stegman, Gerardo Sandoval, Victor Ibanez, Kennth Rocafort
Inker – Paul Neary
Colours – Frank Martin, Sonia Oback, Richard Isanove, Dono Sanchez Almara
Laura Martin, Dan Brown

The latest iteration of the Squadron Supreme, made up of different members from different universes, is battling the latest version of Super-Skrulls and while they do so, they discuss the new teams of Avengers and what it could mean for the Earth and for them. In the end, all that matters to them is that they are here for the Earth’s protection and they are going to stop any threat to the planet they possibly can and by any means necessary, Avengers or not. For a book that is really not so much a proper story but an introductory issue to the new Avengers titles with a framing sequence, it does a good job and does it effectively. Of course, some segments are stronger than others with ‘Eidetic’ by Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar being the strongest one of the bunch. It shows that the Vision is having a problem, namely seeing ghosts, and so he goes to talk to Wanda about it. The solution to his problem is both shocking and heartbreaking for Wanda and the reader. ‘The Night That Hell Froze Over’ is a tale that has a surprise in store for the reader as well as those that read the X-books and so too does ‘Everything is New’ which does not really feature any members of the Avengers per se, but the villain which will be their adversary and should thrill both readers of the Ultimate Universe and the Fantastic Four. Tying it all together is James Robinson’s Squadron Supreme story and it looks like that book might be a nice surprise waiting to happen. It features the latest version of Hyperion from the main Marvel U as well as the Ultimate version of Nighthawk among others and with such a strange combination of heroes; it will be very interesting to see where that particular title goes. This title as well does not reveal anything that may take place in Secret Wars but does drop a hint as to how the new Marvel U may be constructed since the members of the Squadron remember their home dimensions. Altogether, the book features some great writing and some really good artwork but it comes at a cost, literally too as the price tag on the book is a bit more than the usual issue. It is an extra-length book though with many extra pages and if you are a fan of the Avengers, it is a book you should get. Necessary – maybe not, but for the true fan, you will find it so.

4 out of 5

Paper Girls #1
Paper Girls #1

Writer – Brian K. Vaughn
Artist – Cliff Chiang
Colours – Matt Wilson

Brian K. Vaughn’s latest masterpiece in the making, not to mention Cliff Chiang with whom he collaborates, looks at the lives of girls who deliver newspapers, specifically one named Erin. It does not really sound like page-turner, far from it in fact, but with the names of the talent attached to this book, you know that it will be and that there is going to be something more than just a bunch of girls delivering papers within its pages. The strange begins from the very first page as it looks like the lead protagonist is on the moon and it just goes from there. Soon Erin is off early in the morning to work her paper route, encountering a group of boys up to no good, as well as her fellow paper girls including their fearless leader MacKenzie who smokes cigarettes and just so happened to be the first paper girl in their area, making it possible for all those that followed. Also, there are aliens, a strange machine and trouble. The artwork by Chiang is phenomenal, especially his attention to detail. The Monster Squad poster was a very nice touch. The writing by Vaughn is smart and compelling and come the end of the story, you wonder why nobody ever thought to do a book about delivering newspapers before. The book has everything you need to make it successful – action, tension, conflict and more and if Saga and We Stand on Guard are anything to go by, it looks as if Vaughn, Chiang and company have a hit on their hands. Fresh and exciting, Paper Girls is a must-buy.

5 out of 5

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