Mind Capsules – 1872 #3 and John Carter: Warlord of Mars #11

1872 #3
1872 #3

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artist – Nik Virella
Colours – Lee Loughridge

The people of Timely, whether they know it or not, are tired of Wilson Fisk’s rule.  After the murder of Steve Rogers and the cover-up that took place, Red Wolf is out not only for revenge, but to stop any further injustices to his people at the hand of Fisk.  Being in the old West, there is really only one solution to the problem at hand and that is a permanent solution, one that he has no qualms about giving.  Gerry Duggan and Nik Virella keep the action and excitement going in this very unique book that ties into Secret Wars and it is definitely something that has been missing from Marvel’s shores for far too long.  Red Wolf is a fantastic character and to see him do what needs to be done without any over-thinking is the sort of thing more heroes should maybe think about doing.  That is not to say that all heroes go full-Punisher, but right is right and wrong is wrong and there are no two ways about it.  Aiding Red Wolf in his task, albeit unknowingly, is a woman’s equality movement as well as Natasha and Bruce who aim to blow up the dam.  As the book is a Western, there is a fair amount of high drama and suspense to go along with the action and it calls to mind all the great Westerns like High Noon or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.  Fisk is tired of all of these hassles that are rising up against him and when Red Wolf makes his presence known by killing Bullseye, Fisk knows that the man is playing for keeps.  Iron Man finally makes an appearance as Stark sobers up, or does not, and makes a daring rescue and the book is left on a cliff-hanger which may mark the appearance of another hero who has yet to really show his face.  The artwork by Virella is a perfect fit for this tale of good guys and bad guys not to mention the genre.  Once the Red Wolf ongoing series gets off the ground, which has already been announced everywhere, it will be nice to see Virella get some work on an arc or two.  So far 1872 has been doing a great job at holding your attention and while it is only thanks to Secret Wars, it is wonderful to see Marvel producing another Western comic.

4 out of 5

John Carter Warlord of Mars #11
John Carter: Warlord of Mars #11

Writer – Ron Marz, Ian Edginton
Artist – Ariel Medel
Colours – Nanjan Jamberi

In the first part of a new story arc, which still continues off of the old one, a storm has forced John Carter and Dejah Thoris to crash-land.  As the storm clears, they discover an ancient city which may just be what they have been looking for all along.  Of course it is a little too good to be true as they find themselves prisoners not soon after.  In this latest issue, while the pencils are not quite as polished as they were in previous issues, the story continues to shine as our heroes have hopefully found exactly what they were looking for.  Inside, the treasure-seekers who have captured them have discovered the lost technology of the Orovars, those beings whose machines might be able to save Mars from its eventual fate, but by just barging into the hidden chamber, they not only trip the safeguards that are in place, they also awaken someone who perhaps should not have been awakened.  Ron Marz and Ian Edginton continue to give this classic science-fiction property the due it deserves and the story is both fun and exciting.  It is a little annoying to see John Carter and Dejah get captured as much as they do and you would think that they would be old hands at it by now.  With the frequency in which it takes place, the two should be on the lookout and be a little more aware of their surroundings or at least keep some hidden knives on them at all times for such an occasion, but whatever the reason, it happens just a little too often.  This book ends on a cliff-hanger as well, ensuring that you will return to see what fate has in store for our heroes.  As it just so happens, the authors succeeded in that task and with the promise of more action, the wait should be worth it.

3.5 out of 5

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