Sunday Sessions – Wrestling Theme Songs

Professional wrestling may not be as big as it once was during the top of its game in the late 1990s, but it seems to have a consistent audience that keeps coming back and enjoys seeing the high-flying theatrics that only this group of men and women are able to do.  The one thing you think of more than most when you think of a wrestler, even more than their finishing move, is their entrance theme.  It used to be a wrestler and his name were more than enough, but a song creates excitement in the audience when you hear those first notes because it lets you know what you are in for.  You know that there is going to be some frantic action when you hear the Ultimate Warrior’s music and you know that Sting is going to save the day when his theme queues up.  Trouble is on the way when the NWO’s strain begins and you know the boss is going to lay down the law when first notes of Vince McMahon’s entrance plays.  Whether lyrically or musically, whether, Hogan, Undertaker, Triple H or even John Cena, those very first opening bars stirs the fan in all of us and it makes a great night of wrestling even better.  Check out some of the most memorable entrance themes below from various companies:


Ric Flair

The Rock


Hulk Hogan

Macho Man

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Chris Jericho

AJ Styles

Booker T

Ultimate Warrior

The Beautiful People

Shawn Michaels


Big Show

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