Issue by Issue – Rom #57

Rom #57Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Mel Candido
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Janice Chiang

The little town of Beaver Falls has seen its fair share of hard times and to add a little more icing to an already terrible cake are the Dire Wraiths and their sorcery. The town has never been in a worse position than it is now and even with the help of Rom, Starshine and Alpha Flight, things are not looking too well. Sal Buscema returns to help out Bill Mantlo on the final part of this current story and thus it not only reads great but looks great too. For one of the first times in the entire book’s history, Rom has absolutely no idea what to do for the people he came to save. Though he and Starshine give it their best, it is simply not enough. Alpha Flight finds itself in the same predicament. Though they hold great power singly and even more so all together; Sasquatch, Marina, Snowbird and Shaman are unable to do anything for anyone despite all of their vaunted strength. This issue was far more interesting than most because it is one of the very few that did not have a happy ending. While there is always some form of redemption or saving grace, this time Mantlo does not give us one and it is a makes the overall story a bleak one, not to mention the future of the title. If all of these heroes were unable to save one small town, what hope do they have of saving the entire world? Exciting and fun albeit a little depressing, with some great character moments within, the latest issue is a fantastic one that paints our heroes in an entirely new light.

4.5 out of 5

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