Mind Capsules – A-Force #4 and Gotham Academy #10

A-Force #4
A-Force #4

Writer – Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson
Artist – Jorge Molina
Inker – Craig Yeung, Walden Wong
Colours – Laura Martin

The traitor stands revealed and nothing will ever be the same again for A-Force or for Arcadia. Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson finally give the readers what they have been teasing for the last few issues and though it has been suspenseful and a pretty good mystery, it should come as absolutely no surprise as to who it is. The cover itself gives away the mystery which is a little bit of a shame but that does not prevent the book from being an exciting one. A-Force, having fled their home realizes that being on the run solves nothing and after She-Hulk explains what she saw when she disappeared and that all of the holes and portals in Arcadia are connected, they decide to head back and fight for what is theirs. The action comes fast and furious and Jorge Molina does a great job of illustrating it. Our heroes hold back nothing and by the end of it, they face a greater threat than they ever have before and there is no telling if they will make it out of the coming conflict alive. There are some great character moments in the book and almost every member of the team gets one. Whether it is She-Hulk making a stand for what she believes in, Nico finally coming to grips on what has happened and realizing that everything that has transpired has been due to one person or even Loki, who thinks she wants what is best for everyone but is really only selfish and self-serving; all get a chance to shine. How this all plays out in the end is going to be intriguing indeed, especially if our heroes live to tell about it. There is also the question of Doom and if he will interfere or not. So far he has kept out of the matter as he is normally wont to do, but with what happens during the final moments of the book, will it be enough to rouse him to action or will all of Arcadia perish? Wilson, Bennett and the rest of the creative team have been putting out one very fun title and hopefully it all wraps up with a happy ending next issue.

4 out of 5

Gotham Academy #10
Gotham Academy #10

Writer – Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher
Artist – Karl Kerschl, Msassyk
Colours – Serge LaPointe, Msassyk

Although she cannot be positive, Olive is pretty sure that she saw her mom Calamity start the fire from last issue and she aims to get to the bottom of it. That trail leads her to join the school play with her friends and while looking into the ghost that might have been her mom, the mystery of who has been sabotaging the school play also takes shape and it is not exactly who you might have guessed it to be. This ongoing quest of Olive’s has been quite engrossing thanks to Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher and it does not seem to be slowing down whatsoever, in fact it only seems to be getting deeper and more suspenseful with our heroine getting into trouble more often than not. One question that continually gets raised is why does Calamity not just meet up with Olive if that is her intention? Why the theatrics? Unless she is truly dead or protecting her daughter from some greater threat, there is no reason for her to be playing all of these games. Another bothersome thing that keeps rearing its head is why do all of Batman’s villains keep invading a school for children? Do they have nothing better to do? While it does make for good drama and interesting stories, it is a little strange to see Killer Croc and then this issue’s bad guy make an appearance in a place where you would least expect to see them. Maps continues to be the standout character in the book aside from Olive, though Pomeline is making inroads into being a great supporting character and it looks like she has a few secrets of her own. The artwork by Karl Kerschl, this time with an assist from Msassyk, is as fantastic as always and altogether, the book is a pure joy to read with every new issue. Gotham Academy is definitely a contender for the best book DC has going at the moment.

4 out of 5

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