Mind Capsules – Future Imperfect #5 and Mockingbird #1

Future Imperfect #5
Future Imperfect #5

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Greg Land
Inker – Jay Leisten
Colours – Nolan Woodard

The man who has been the caretaker for the Destroyer all this time has turned out to be none other than Rick Jones. The Maestro is more than a little surprised and a little angry at that because Rick is not the man whom he thought he would have to face after all this time. What is even more surprising then is that Rick is offering up no resistance whatsoever. The Maestro thinks it is a trap and he has every right to do so, but when all is said and done, The Maestro gets exactly what his heart desires. One of the more interesting books to come out of Secret Wars concludes with a huge twist at the end and if The Maestro were to ever discover what had happened to him, there might be nothing in all of Battleworld to contain his anger. Thanks to Rick Jones though, who literally warned The Maestro about what he was getting himself into, that storyline will never happen. Overall the series was a whole lot of fun and it was set at a good pace except for this last issue which seemed quite rushed. Peter David and Greg Land did a great job on the series and it was wonderful to see some of David’s more familiar characters put in an appearance like Ruby Summers and Layla Miller and hopefully, in some way, they survive whatever happens during this big event. One of the very best things in this last issue was the banter between Rick and The Maestro, or as Rick refers to him, Bruce. It is as playful and as hostile as ever and it shows once again that they have one of the most interesting relationships in the Marvel universe, alternate dimension or not. What was quite humourous to see was that The Maestro still got what he wanted, we still got to see him face off against Doom and everything ended on a happy note due to David flipping things on its head. A satisfying, if somewhat abrupt end to an entertaining title.

4 out of 5

Mockingbird #1
Mockingbird #1

Writer – Chelsea Cain, Margaret Stohl
Artist – Joelle Jones, Nico Leon
Colours – Rachelle Rosenberg, Andres Mossa

Mockingbird gets her own one-shot for the 50 Years of S.H.I.E.L.D. mini-event and it provides a little insight to her character as well as giving her a mystery to solve. The mystery deals with a friend who gets murdered and Bobbi cannot help but get involved. Before the case is even solved, she has an idea who has done it and it is quite disturbing to think of if it is true. Chelsea Cain and Joelle Jones deliver an interesting story involving Hawkeye’s ex-wife and it finds her at a crossroads in her life, not exactly knowing which way to go. Bobbi has always been a very intriguing character and if this leads to more stories featuring her in the lead, they are most welcome. Another thing this book does is introduce a new character that goes by the name of Red Widow; comparisons to Black Widow are intentional. Early on in her life, Ava was rescued by the Black Widow and thus the reason that later on she takes a name quite similar to that. It is a short, but effective origin tale that introduces this new character to the Marvel universe, though at this point in time, what her role will be is unknown. Will she be a foe or friend to Natasha? Is she in this book because she will have something to do with Mockingbird at some future point? There are a lot of questions of course but at the end of the book, both stories were well-written and well-drawn even though both had really little to do with S.H.I.E.L.D. whatsoever.

3.5 out of 5

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