Big Brother: What a Shock.

Sometimes I legitimately hate being right. This is one of those times. My prediction had been that Meg and James would be voted out, which would leave us with a three on three situation – Vanessa, Steve and John on one side, and the Austwins on the other. And look where we are now. I’m trying really, really hard to keep this from becoming a rant, so bear with me if I slip a little here and there, or a lot – all over the place.

Let’s start at the beginning though. When we last left the house guests, Julia had just been put up on the block next to Meg. Meg is not happy. Out of a house full of big targets, Julia is the tiniest threat next to Meg, which is why Vanessa put her up. James and Julia both know that this would be a great opportunity to evict Julia, and it’s true. Why not split up the strongest alliance in the game when they have the chance? As James points out to Meg, the Austwins pretty much have all the votes right now. They only way to win the game is to split them up. John is definitely on board, and after having a conversation about it, Steve is too. It would be in all of their best interests to get rid of Julia.

However, Vanessa is still inexplicably gung ho for getting rid of Meg. She (mistakenly) thinks Meg going home is best for her game, as she’s a vote in James’s corner. Steve tries to remind her that if the Scamper Squad (still a stupid name) go into the final five together, it’ll be three vs two, which isn’t good for them. Maybe they can work together with James and Meg to get rid of the Austwins. Vanessa appears to consider the situation for a second, but then sticks to her guns. She doesn’t believe that James won’t go after her if she lets them stay. So now Steve has a decision to make. Do he and John go against Vanessa and flip the vote? Or do they stick with their shaky alliance and get rid of Meg? It’s something that makes Steve so anxious, he’s physically sick. I can tell you right now what your best move is, Steve. EVICT JULIA.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and John seal a final two deal, which means that now Vanessa has final two deals with three people in the house. It’s too bad none of them will make it that far anyway.

It’s time to evict a house guest, and surprise, surprise; Meg goes home in a vote of 4-1. In her interview, she says she doesn’t regret keeping Vanessa in the game instead of Shelli because she thinks that they’d be in the same situation if Shelli was still in the house. Hard to say. She’d probably have targeted James earlier, but I like to think she’d never have let the Austwins make it this far. She was never as close to them as Vanessa has been.

The HoH competition, titled BB Road Trip, is another true/false game. The house guests are shown two pictures of former house guests that have been photoshopped into pictures on a road trip, and then they’re asked true/false questions. The last person standing wins. This is where things go from bad to worse. Everyone gets the first question right, but Steve and James miss the second question, so they’re out. Then John and Austin fail the next question. So now it’s down to the twins. Rejoice. In the end, Liz wins the competition and becomes the next HoH.

I typed her nominations during the commercial before she announced who was going up on the block: James and John. Shocker. There is absolutely no way that someone outside of John, James, or Steve will go home. Even if Steve were to win the veto competition and take John off the block, Vanessa would go up, and then James would still sent home, because Liz is the tie-breaker vote. Bet they regret sending Meg home now, don’t they?

In the Veto competition, players (everyone but Vanessa was picked) have to roll two balls around a giant boomerang into numbered slots at the other end. The numbers are added up, and whoever has the highest number wins. Now, apparently James and John scored the highest in the practice game, so of course, in the real game, they, along with Steve, all score zero. Austin and Liz both score 15, and Julia scores 17, making her the Veto winner. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t change the nominations, and in a unanimous vote, James is evicted from the house.

In his interview, he says he’d known that he’d be out if he didn’t win the Veto, and he was right. What he hadn’t known, until the last second, was that Steve had been working with the other side of the house. For some reason, he’d thought that Steve was on their side, even though Steve was the THE reason Jackie was voted out a few weeks ago. When asked why he’d backed off after playing aggressively for a while, he’d said that all the aggressive people had been evicted, so he’d decided to lay low for instead. In my opinion, he should’ve kept doing it. It was because he’d declared war on Vanessa that he and Meg are both now out the door.

So now we’re down to six people with three people on each side. In my opinion, John, Steve and Vanessa are screwed. The Austwins are a much stronger alliance, and if Vanessa wins HoH again, will she be willing to nominate any of the other side? Or will she turn on her two boys and get rid of them? Thankfully, Liz, who seems to be becoming a bit of a competition beast, can’t compete, so Vanessa, Steve and John will have a slightly better chance at winning the next HoH. But it’s still a huge gamble. Vanessa has been all about numbers and percentages all summer, so I really don’t understand why she can’t see that she’s pretty much in a 50/50 situation right now. Yes, if Austin or Julia wins HoH, she’ll probably be safe, but one of her boys will go home and then it will be a three on two situation just like Steve predicted, and they’ll pretty much have no hope of splitting up the threesome. I have no idea where her head is right now, but it’s definitely not functioning properly.

As for John and Steve, well, they only have themselves to blame if they’re the next ones to go. And at this point, I think they deserve to go home for making such a colossally stupid move in keeping Julia. They pretty much handed the twins $550 000. And I’m not alone in thinking this. I read tons of tweets by fans tonight, and I think only two people were happy with tonight’s results. I’m really hoping that John or Steve can pull off the next HoH. Otherwise, they might as well end the show right now and just give the money to a twin. It’s getting harder and harder to watch.

We’ll find out what happens on Sunday. But for now, here are some tweets from former house guests and other reality stars:

Rob Cesternino ‏@robcesternino
“Moral of the story is: When you have a chance to take out a number from the strongest alliance in a game, you should probably do it. #BB17”

Judd Daugherty ‏@JUDDNATION
“I bet everyone feels great about keeping Austin and the twins now! #BB17”

Judd Daugherty ‏@JUDDNATION
“So smart of them to get rid of Meg tonight. The Austwins are not a threat at all and never win. Meg was such a comp beast! #BB17”

Andy Herren ‏@AndyHerren
“Elated!!! Now I won’t be the most hated winner in Big Brother history!!! #BB17”

Dan Gheesling ‏@DanGheesling
“I’m baffled how they didn’t see this coming. They left 2 sisters in the house together…my dog would have known to vote them out. #BB17”

Audrey Middleton ‏@OddreyM
“All of America is #blanketing tonight. #BB17”

Rachel Reilly ‏@RachelEReilly
“IM EMBARRASSED 4 this house like what are they thinking??? Giving away $ #BB17 @brendonvbb12 no words!”


– Rebecca

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  1. Wellie wellie well.. they had a chance. It looked like it could happen. But then Meg got voted out. Steve knew he was making a bad game move, but still did it. I don’t know why Van is waiting for last possible moment to turn on Austwins. That will make a fresh wound come final jury vote. I guess the question is, will Austin make it to Finals? If it’s final 2 he’s in trouble. If Twins are at the end, which one deserves the win? Still, good episode, but I agree will your analysis: disappointingly predictable.

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    • I don’t understand why things went down the way they did. Up until now, I’d have argued that, though unlikable, Vanessa is the best player in the house, but now I’m not so sure. Why she’d allow so much chance into her game is beyond me. It would’ve made so much more sense to have the boys vote Julia out and then claim she had no idea it was going to happen. She’s done it before. And I agree. The longer she waits to turn on the Austwins, the more likely she’ll face a big portion of a bitter jury. Austin could win, depending on who he’s up against. If he’s against Vanessa, no, I don’t think he’ll win. If he’s against Steve or John, I think he could have a chance, though the jury likes John, so they could go his way too. Up against Liz, I think he’d be the more likely winner. And if the twins are up against each other, it won’t matter much, as they’ll both win money, but I think Liz will has the better chance.

      This next veto will really determine which side will ultimately win out, I think. I’m still hoping the boys can pull if off, but we’ll see.

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