Big Brother: Spinning in Circles‏

I fully admit—I firmly believed that John would be safe tonight, and that Steve would be the one joining the jury house. I like Steve, but I’d made peace with the fact that he’d no longer be a house guest. After all, if it came down to the two of them, I’d rather see John win the money anyway. And for a while, it looked like things were going to go my way. Vanessa was angry with Steve, Steve had decided to lay low and not defend himself, and John felt a ray of hope that he’d be the one to stay.

I should’ve known it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted.

Vanessa goes to talk to the Austwins about everything that went down, and Liz once again blames everything on Steve and John, and Vanessa seems to believe her. Either these house guests are really starting to get good at lying, or Vanessa’s lie detector skill is slipping. Austin sort of just stands there and glowers but doesn’t really get in on the conversation. Probably because he’s afraid she’d see through his lie, even with her new impairment. Either way, Vanessa tells them that she doesn’t blame them for anything and just continues on being extremely angry with Steve.

But the Austwins are angry with John for trying to blow up their game. Liz, clearly the leader of this threesome, confronts John about what happened. John is honest with her: They’d made an alliance, and then the Austwins went back on it, so why should John keep his mouth shut when he was up on the block with Steve as the favourite to stay? Liz doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying. It’s like she can’t comprehend the fact that he would be upset about being nominated. He wasn’t nominated as a pawn. He was nominated as a target, but he’s supposed to be thankful for it? Their attitude drives me nuts. Every time they nominate someone, they get offended because the person they nominated is upset. As if they wouldn’t be upset if they themselves were nominated. As if they wouldn’t do everything they could to save themselves.

Anyway, seeing that his conversation with Liz went nowhere, John decides to spend his energy trying to get Vanessa to trust him more. He tells her that he wants her to vote with James and Meg for him to stay, but she tells him she’ll be voting with the twins, so he’s got to do what he can to change their minds about him. Good luck, dude. That’ll be an uphill battle.

So he goes to the twins and they talk a few things out. He promises them that if they let him stay and if he wins HoH, he won’t nominate any of the Austwins, even as a pawn. They’ll go after the juror that comes back. The girls seem satisfied with the deal, but they still don’t trust him. They still want him out.

Meanwhile, Steve goes to talk to Vanessa, and it’s a terrible mistake on his part. When she gets emotional, she’s extremely intimidating to Steve, and then he gets all flustered, and his brain stops working. So she starts in on him about the plan last week to get her out, and he seems confused by what she’s saying. He insists that these conversations happened this week, not last week. And Vanessa actually starts to believe what he’s saying until John comes in and confirms that the five had talked last week, not this week. I fully believe that Steve had been trying to play dumb (the way he kept looking down instead of at her tells me he didn’t want her to catch him in a lie), and it might have worked had John not walked into the conversation at exactly the right time. Vanessa leaves the conversation just as frustrated with Steve (because she’s hurt by the fact that he was so fake with her when he hugged her and seemed happy about her playing in the veto competition) as she was when she started it and goes to talk to the twins.

The twins tell Vanessa that she’s the swing vote but more or less make it clear that they want her to vote with them. Vanessa tries to convince them to side with John, but the twins don’t trust him. He’d fully been against Vanessa last week, but Steve hadn’t. They want to stick with Steve. This is when I fully realize there’s no hope for John.

After a segment about James’s home life and some more short clips of him pranking people (the one of him in the closet and scaring the crap out of Julia and making her actually fall over in fright is the best), it’s time for the vote. For a socially awkward guy, Steve gives a good speech. And it works. John is evicted unanimously.

John blames the fact that his alliances didn’t seem to stick on the fact that he was labeled a competition winner but then he couldn’t deliver, and that hurt his game. He says that if he got back into the house, he’d work with Vanessa because he’d have to (Austwins are a group and James and Meg are a pair, so he’d be forced to work with Vanessa). And even though he should go after Austwins, he’d target Meg because she and James need to be split up, as they’re constantly a back-up alliance for others. And suddenly I don’t want him back in the house. Does no one understand that if Austwins aren’t separated, they’re going to win?

We get to see inside the jury house again, and watch as the girls catch up on Becky’s eviction. When asked, Becky says she’d target Liz, and Jackie says she’d work with James and Meg, but Shelli doesn’t give us any strategy. She just wants to play to the end. Either she has no idea what she’s going to do, or she’s not letting anyone know. I don’t want her back in the house either. Go Jackie or Becky!

When the jurors come back into the house, Meg is the only one who looks legitimately excited, so excited in fact, that she’s jumping up and down in anticipation of seeing them again. They get a few minutes to socialize with each other, and then they’re in the back yard for the HoH competition, named Dizzyland. It’s an endurance competition in which the house guests stand on a tiny platform connected to a rope, which is attached to overhead racking, which will spin them around in a circle like a merry-go-round. As they go around, they’ll hit a giant hand which will spin them around on their rope. The last one standing will be HoH, and if that last one is a juror, not only will they be back in the game, but they’ll be HoH as well. And if not, the last juror standing gets back into the game.

So of course we won’t find out who gets back into the game or who the HoH will be until Sunday, but within a few minutes, Julia, Steve and Meg are all out. That leaves all four jurors, James, Liz and Vanessa still on the ropes. And James is really struggling already. It may have been a mistake for him to crouch on his platform, as he’s having a lot of trouble keeping balanced. All four jurors look relatively sturdy, and Vanessa looks like she’s in it for the long haul, unfortunately. You can already see her trying to hit the hand strategically so that she won’t spin so much. We’ll see who makes it back in, but my hope is still for Jackie, and if not Jackie, then Becky. These are the only two I think will actually try to do something to make waves in this house that seems to be content to let a twin or a wrestler win the game.

And another thing. Vanessa perplexes me. She’s starting to realize, finally, that she’s the low man on the totem pole, yet she won’t do anything to change her fate. She still insists on voting with the twins and seems to be doing everything she can to stay with them, even though they almost went against her last week. She’s spent the whole summer locked in paranoia, and now, when she should be at her most alert, she’s content to believe everything they say and stick with them, even when she knows that they’ll never vote against each other for her. I don’t understand why she doesn’t team up with the other side of the house to break up the threesome.

The same can be said about the Austwins when it comes to Vanessa. By now, everyone should know that in a final two with Vanessa, she will most likely end up being the one to win, simply because she’s played the best game out of everyone in the house. And they had the perfect opportunity to get rid of her last week, but they didn’t take it. Vanessa and the Austwins should be working wholeheartedly against each other, as both sides have great potential to win, but neither side is doing anything about it. I don’t get it. Here’s hoping that whoever gets back into the house will be able to change things up and get one side to work against the other. And then, hopefully, James (or Jackie, if she gets back in) can slip through and win it all.

– Rebecca

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  1. Good recap, Rebecca. Wow, John was nervous in that exit interview, eh. I was hoping he stayed too. The HoH comp was a tease. Looks hard though. Guess we’ll find out what’s up tomorrow. Go Becky! Vanessa plays so hard, using every too in her utility belt. She’s been playing it safe so far. If she’s a clear target I wonder how much harder she’ll play when her back is against the wall. I don’t get why nobody tries to split up or target the Austwins either. I’m guessing that will change Sunday. If underdogs win, I’m thinking Van plus an Austwinian will get nominated. No backdoor. If 1 vetoed, put up another. Oh and double eviction coming this week. It’s getting down to the nitty gritty.

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    • Yeah, I found John hard to understand during the interview. Makes me wonder how much time he’s had to spend in the DR, repeating what he’s saying so that it’s coherent. lol. I’m still hoping for Jackie to come back, but I wouldn’t be upset to see Becky come back either. As long as it’s not Shelli. I think if Van was actually targeted, she’d be like a cornered animal. I really hope that someone outside Vanessa or the Austwins wins and puts up both twins. Best case scenario, one twin goes home first and then Vanessa goes out in the DE. Then they won’t have to worry about her crying and whining for four days.

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