Mind Capsules – Silk #6 and Hellbreak #6

Silk #6
Silk #6

Writer – Robbie Thompson
Artist – Stacey Lee
Colours – Ian Herring

Cindy Moon, aka Silk, is not having the best of days. To begin with, she has been captured by some strange man who wants to harvest her for parts and furthermore, he tells her she has been under surveillance by other strangers and has information on her parents. Though she manages to get herself free, Silk can get no answers as Black Cat kills said man over a personal insult. To say that Silk is angry is the understatement of the year. Robbie Thompson continues to deliver the goods with Silk and while he could have gone the easy route and made her just another Peter Parker clone, he has diverted off that path to make her completely unique and highly interesting. Ever since her release from the bunker where she had been kept for half of her life, things have not been going well, either personally or professionally. There is one thing that she does have in common with Peter Parker, aside from the powers that is, and that is the loss of her family. For Cindy, they were everything and not being able to find them, or even knowing whether they are alive or not is tearing her to pieces. It is understandable then that when Black Cat kills her only lead, literally, that she gets upset. This issue also finally sees Cindy really give the Black Cat the fight she has been looking for. All it took was a little grief and anger to unleash Cindy’s full strength and she would most likely have defeated Black Cat if it were not for her opponent’s luck powers. Peter does show up in the book for a moment, mostly to console his friend and fellow spider-person and what is good to see that while he does put in an appearance now and then, the book does not rely upon him to sell it. With the ever-phenomenal artwork by Stacey Lee on the book and the future looking somewhat bright, Silk looks to be headed in the right direction.

4 out of 5

Hellbreak #6
Hellbreak #6

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Brian Churilla
Colours – Dave Stewart

Javier is not a nice man. Even though the men of Project Kerberos risked life and limb to get him back and lost a man in the process, it was a wasted effort and Father Gabriel can see that. Sometimes people go to Hell because they belong there and Javier is one of those people. The team in the meantime is taking a little time off at the local bar and remembering their fallen teammate while Jenner is doing a little exploring of their home base in order to see if what he learned on their last trip has any veracity. Hellbreak continues to surprise with another strong story courtesy of Cullen Bunn and Brian Churilla and it does so by continuing a couple of the plot threads introduced in the last arc as well as finally seeing what happens during the time after they make a rescue from Hell. Having these people go through therapy makes sense, as most people can hardly deal with real life, never mind going to hell and coming back. There are some great character moments as well, specifically with Father Gabriel who we have only really seen in cursory scenes before this. Here, we get to know a little bit more about the man through his actions and that even men of God such as he are not wholly perfect, are just as flawed and as human as the rest of us. Another involves Jenner who is showing a little curiosity, trying to find out the truth behind things instead of just blindly following orders. What happens next should be very interesting, to see what Jenner does and what, if anything the project is hiding and why they would be doing as such.  Very little horror this month from Oni’s best horror title, but still a book packed with drama, intrigue and a little action as well.

4 out of 5

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