Big Brother: Quelle Surprise‏

Well, I’ve got to say, compared to previous episodes this season, this episode was downright boring. Everyone knew who was going to join the jury this week. There was no mystery. No one was sitting on the edge of their seats—unless they were Becky fans—and the powers that be knew it. So there was a lot of filler tonight, some of it boring (talking to Steve’s family), some of it hilarious (more of James’s pranks). And in amongst the filler are little tidbits of game play that may turn out to be interesting next week. We’ll see.

Game Play:

So we know that Liz decided not to use the Veto this week. She’d apparently thought about putting Vanessa up (yeah right), but decided against it because everyone else is after Vanessa anyway, so someone else can do it next week. Personally, I think she’s either lazy or a coward, and she wasted a huge chance to make a big move and prove she’s got what it takes to win the game. I hope it comes back to bite her later on. She an Austin do get a chance to gossip about the veto ceremony, and once again, I think they’ve proven that they really don’t know how to read people. Just like they’d thought that John was volatile because he’d glared at Austin after he was nominated; now they’re taking Becky’s veto speech the wrong way. She’d simply reminded them that she’d kept both twins and Austin safe when she was HoH, and Austin takes it to mean that she was declaring to come after them if they didn’t take her off the block.

What? Guys, I know that Vanessa has got you guys whirling around with all her game talk and strategy and paranoia, but not every move is a move against you. She’s simply trying to plead her case, not declare war on you.

John and Steve have a talk about working together and decide whether they want to work with the Austwins or James and Meg. The Austwins is a bigger group, but with that group, they’d be the smaller targets. With James and Meg, they’d be the bigger targets, so they decide to side with Team Twin. I like Steve and John, so I really hope this move won’t come back to bite them, but if they don’t go after Austin and the twins at some point, they might as well say hello to fourth and fifth place, because there’s no way the others will let them get any further than that.

But they talk to the girls and they want to work with the boys too. It’s actually a funny conversation. They all seem to get along well, and the conversation flows easily. And when Austin joins them, they joke about backdooring him. In reality, their target will be Vanessa, eventually, though John seems to be the only one who may be willing to take her down. As we’ve already seen, the Austwins are too chicken to nominate her, and I don’t know if it’s still valid, but Steve and Vanessa have a final two deal from what I’ve heard, so I can’t see him going after her. We may need to resign ourselves to at least a couple more weeks of her. Sigh.

Becky tries to talk to the Austwins too, letting them know that her only target is Vanessa, so they’ve got nothing to worry about, and for a second, Liz tells us in the DR that they haven’t decided who they’re going to vote for. Um, I’m pretty sure that’s a lie, since they just sealed a deal with John like, five minutes ago. Plus, it really looked like they were trying their absolute hardest to keep from rolling their eyes at her. It’s obvious that they’re not Becky fans. Well, the twins don’t seem to like any woman, so Becky’s already at a disadvantage. She’s got no hope, man.

And sort of game play related, we join Jackie and Shelli in the jury house as Jackie fills Shelli in on everything that went down in the short time after she’d left the house. The verdict? Vanessa is clearly orchestrating everything. She’d told Steve that Jackie had been gunning for him, and now here she is. She’d spun stories in order to get both Clay and Shelli evicted, which is true too. It’s interesting seeing Shelli react this way. They’d seemed so close in the house, but it’s like a veil has been lifted, and now she can see the truth. She declares that the other house guests need to get Vanessa out, and while Jackie says she’ll go immediately after Vanessa if she gets back into the house, we get no such declaration from Shelli. It really makes me wonder if she’d work with her or try to get rid of her if she got back into the game. On the one hand, they were really close at one point, but on the other, she feels betrayed by Vanessa. Plus, she’d said she was rooting for Steve and John. It would be interesting to see how things would unfold if she were the one to come back to the house.

And now for some of the funny stuff:

It’s almost always about James. He’s definitely got a thing for Meg, and he jokes (I hope?) that the two of them are engaged, though she adamantly denies it. He really seems to take delight in teasing her, and she seems totally into it too, but she tells us that there’s nothing going on between them, unfortunately for James. Julia even tries to help his game with Meg by playing Cyrano, telling him what to say to her, but she just laughs it off. Aww, poor James. Even pervy guys need love.

When he’s not teasing Meg, he’s pranking people. We’ve seen a few of the pranks he’s pulled, mostly on Julia, but he’s good at getting Steve too. He explains that he can’t just do the same thing over and over again to the other house guests. He’s got to change it up, so he places a bunch of Steve’s stuff on one of the dentist chairs in the have not room, and then he proceeds to cling wrap everything to the chair. Like, that stuff is SECURE. And everyone watches as Steve tries to undo it all and get his stuff out. Too bad they can’t use real knives in the house. A xacto knife would’ve gotten through that cling wrap in seconds. But the plastic knives they have to use wouldn’t cut through anything, so Steve’s got to pull the wrap off little by little. So funny. James is a little creepy with the ladies, but he’s hilarious.

And now it’s time for the vote. John gives a speech that really seems to praise Becky, and if this vote had been a more difficult choice for the house guests, he could’ve really screwed himself over. But he’s clearly the favourite between the two of them, and he knows it, so it makes no difference. The house guests unanimously vote Becky out.

She tells Julie that logically, Vanessa is the best person in the house, and I call shenanigans. Vanessa is definitely smart, but she second guesses herself. Plus there’s the fact that she’s playing way too hard and has gotten on everyone’s nerves. No matter how smart you are, if you piss everyone else off, you’re going to be evicted (fingers crossed!). But Becky does point out that the people who’d been laying low are starting to come out now as threats. She thinks Steve could win, and it’s true. He’s so easy to forget that he could win simply because everyone else forgot to vote him out.

The new HoH competition is called Ready Set Whoa, and the house guests have to start at the starting line of a race with their hands and one foot each pressing one button each (three buttons in total). The monitors in front of them will show the words “Ready, Set, Go,” and once it does, the house guests have to run to the other side of the yard and hit their button at the end of the track. The last person across the finish line in each round is out. But the words on the screen are tricky. Words that rhyme with “go” flash across the screen, and if anyone starts and releases the buttons before the word “go” is shown, the first person to screw up will be out. Oh yeah, and each heat could take upwards of half an hour, so naturally, we can’t finish the challenge tonight. We just know that Meg is out (shocker). We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who won the key.

Two extras: 1) Zingbot has a twitter and 2) what happened to the BB Takeover twist? It lasted two weeks and then disappeared. Fail, BB. Fail. Bring it back! There have got to be some more D List celebrities willing to come on the show!

My predictions haven’t changed. I still think one of the Austwins will win the game, unless James can win HoH this week and vote one of them out. We’ll see what happens. I can’t wait until Sunday!

– Rebecca

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  1. Great recap, Rebecca… You’re right, this episode went as planned, and James is a trickster… Let’s hope Becky fights her way back into the house…. Vanessa could win, if she makes it to the end. I guess it depends if the jury holds a grudge. Van has just made the best moves consistently, getting out some big players… If John wins HoH, I think he’ll turn on temporary Austwin alliance and try to get out VanCity… if he does, he may earn some jury votes at the final… if Steve makes it to end, with moves he’s made thus far, I don’t think he’ll get win votes.

    thanks for your analysis… Sunday should be good!

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    • I love James’s pranks. That thing with the cling wrap and the chair was awesome. I don’t mind Becky, but I still hope that Jackie will win her way back into the house, though both of them will go after Vanessa, which is all I care about right now. If Vanessa makes it to the end, I definitely think she could win. It wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interests to take her with them to final two. She’ll win hands down. If John wins, going for Vanessa won’t be going against the Austwin alliance since they want her gone too. And they don’t need her anymore with John and Steve on their side. They’ve got the numbers. I think the only way Vanessa won’t go home this week is if she wins HoH. Whoever gets Vanessa out will win major points from the jury. I can’t wait to see who will be the one to pull the trigger.

      I can’t wait until Sunday. It’s torture, not going on the BB sites and peeking at who won the HoH comp. lol.

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  2. I think a lot of it will depend on when she gets evicted. If she’s got several weeks to spend in the jury house before final two, she may not campaign as hard. That’s a lot of time to spend cooling down. But if it’s right before final two, then I think she’ll campaign.


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