Welcome to Sunny… – Willow Creek (2013)

willow creek3
Willow Creek is a found footage film from 2013 that deals with the Bigfoot phenomenon and the best way to describe it is as average. That is not to say that it is a bad film, because it is not, but neither is it anything overly exciting or original. The movie finds two people, Jim and his girlfriend Kelly out to retrace and film the legendary bigfoot much like the Patterson-Gimlin film did some forty years past. They tour Willow Creek and interview people, most of whom seem like crackpots, but then who else would really have claimed to have seen a bigfoot? Soon they are headed into the woods to go camping and perhaps, if they are lucky, find that which has eluded everyone throughout time, to actually see and record a bigfoot and more importantly, to get out of there alive with said footage.

willow creek2Bobcat Goldthwait is a good filmmaker and this picture is one of them, yet he seems to play it safe rather than taking any risks. There is a very slow buildup for most of the film and it is more like watching a documentary on how to make a documentary that the main character Jim is filming. Once they hit the woods, the pace picks up as does the suspense and soon there is a bit of palpable tension. The problem is that by playing it safe, Goldthwait does not do anything that we have not seen before at least a few dozen times now. The big difference in this film compared to others is that there is no blood and all of the violence is off-camera. Whether that was a conscious choice so as to lend a little more horror to the effort or if it was a budgetary concern does not really matter in the end as you find yourself looking at the clock waiting for it to end or for something meaningful to happen. Sadly, the latter never happened and when it was over, you were kind of glad. The good thing is that you did not feel as if you wasted your time, you just felt a little indifferent to it all.

Bryce Johnson stars as Jim and Alexie Gilmore as Kelly and they at least make the film slightly enjoyable as they have good chemistry and are believable as a couple out to find adventure. There is some effective cinematography and Goldthwait does a great job at putting it all together and making it slightly compelling, but without innovation and relying too heavily upon clichés, the film is one that you will not miss if you never end up seeing it nor one you will ever think about again if you do.

2.5 out of 5
willow creek4 willow creek willow creek5

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  1. Ah, finally got to watch it 🙂 Seems like you felt the same way I did about this. I wonder why it won so many awards and got praise in reviews. The best part of the film is the middle poster with the Skull face Bigfoot. I’d like to write a Bigfoot story where the Bigfoot is a supernatural beast like a Skinwalker or Windego…or perhaps brought to earth by aliens or something.

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