Mind Capsules – Planet Hulk #4 and Starfire #3

Planet Hulk #4
Planet Hulk #4

Writer – Sam Humprhries
Artist – Marc Laming
Colours – Jordan Boyd

Steve has been captured by some tribal Hulks, Devil Dinosaur is nowhere to be found and Doc Green is doing his best to set Steve free. Luckily Doc Green is smarter and stronger than your average Hulk and Devil is as loyal a partner as can be, so while they engage in battle, Steve gets his chance to confront the Red King and in doing so, learns something he never expected to, nor wanted to. The action finally kicks into high gear with this issue as Steve Rogers and his companions teach the tribal Hulks a few things about being in the heat of battle and Marc Laming delivers a real treat for the eyes with his fantastic artwork. While there has been some action within the previous three issues of the book, this one goes all out as Steve is as close to his goal as he will ever be. His confrontation with the Red King has been a long time in the coming and Steve is anxious for all he wants is to rescue Bucky, especially as he was sure he would never see him again. Like all things in life though, there are many forces arrayed against him and one of those was Doom. If there is one person or God not to trust, it is Doom. Again, as in previous issues, you cannot help but love Devil Dinosaur. He may just be a giant, red T-Rex, but he is such a great character, loyal and fierce and maybe the best friend anyone could ever have and is one that you yourself always wished to have as well. Sam Humphries has been doing a bang-up job on this book, slowly ramping it up for the events that were to take place in this issue. Not only has he returned Devil Dinosaur to the printed page, but he brought along the most recent incarnation of the Hulk in Doc Green and he has created a whole new world of filled with gamma irradiated people and creatures and it has been quite a lot of fun to say the least. With a bit of a shocking end to the book, you know that heads are going to roll, probably literally.

4 out of 5

Starfire #3
Starfire #3

Writer – Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist – Emanuela Lupacchino
Inker – Ray McCarthy
Colours – Hi-Fi

Now that the hurricane has come and gone, it is time for everything to go back to normal – at least you would think that it should. A new mystery arises though as a cruise ship makes its way into the harbour with everyone aboard dead and on top of that, a strange monster makes itself known and starts killing people. The excitement never stops in this new title from DC and it is a refreshing title that injects a lot of light-hearted humour into the story, running alongside the usual superhero fare. Everyone likes Starfire, whether it is her new friend Stella, her landlord, the men at the grocery store or the pets in the neighbourhood. There is something about Kori that makes her eminently likeable though it does not hurt to look like a slightly over-tanned goddess that can fly and shoot energy beams either. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti create some fun scenarios for our resident alien as she really begins to learn what it is like to live as a human. Simple things like paying rent or getting a job or even how to accept a drink at a bar, all of it is written quite playfully with Kori in mind and it makes the book more than enjoyable. The big draw for this book though is Emanuela Lupacchino’s artwork which just keeps getting better and better, issue after issue. It is clean and vibrant, yet detailed and she also puts a lot of humour into it as well with a lot of small visual gags that really make you smile. Together with Conner and Palmiotti, they have found the perfect formula for making this book work on every level and it has become one of the strongest DC launches out of the most recent wave. With the next issue promising a big monster battle, as well as more hilarity one can assume, this book continues to be a must-buy.

4 out of 5

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  1. Hey – maybe you could answer this – in the Earth X series, the Hulk goes around with a child Bruce Banner riding him – do you have any idea where that came from?

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