Mind Capsules – Ghost Racers #3 and A-Force #3

Ghost Racers #3
Ghost Racers #3

Writer – Felipe Smith
Artist – Juan Gedeon
Colours – Tamra Bonvillain

The Ghost Racers are hot on the heels of Robbie Reyes as he has escaped the Killiseum and as a result of that, the control of Arcade and Zadkiel. How he was able to do so is unknown, but he knows that he is unlike the other Ignitors and he also knows that he has no wish to return to the yoke from which he was under. Ghost Racers keeps racing along with a full tank of gas courtesy of Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon and it is one of the most inventive and fun books to come out of Secret Wars, the latest Marvel monthly event. What is really great about this series is that it features not only the latest Ghost Rider, but all of the previous ones as well, including a couple we have never seen before. Any book that brings back Carter Slade, Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch and Alejandra Blaze is already a book needing to be read, but putting them all in a Death Race 2000-like scenario is the icing on the cake. The book sees Robbie solve one problem thanks to Eli, but the book leaves off with Robbie facing another one which is something he thought he would never have to deal with. While Robbie is a great character, over the past few years, Arcade has proven to be a villain worthy of any hero and he does so here in Ghost Racers. The man is, simply put, villainous and he is not someone you would want to trifle with. Smith’s story is a good one and something you could easily see on the big screen if it were to ever be translated in such a way, but it also helps to have the very energetic pencils of Gedeon on board as well. There is always some sort of action on every page of the book and the pace is unrelenting. Ghost Racers might be a quick read, but it is one that will satisfy anyone’s craving for action and adventure.

4 out of 5

A-Force #3
A-Force #3

Writer – Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson
Artist – Jorge Molina
Inker – Jorge Molina, Craig Yeung
Colours – Laura Martin

There is something wrong going on in Arcadia and more than that, there is something wrong in the other lands as well and She-Hulk knows it. She also knows that there is a traitor in their midst and that the exile of America was just the start of their troubles. With the third issue of A-Force, the mystery deepens as more questions are asked with few answers given. While you ultimately have an idea of what is going on without it being spelled out in this book or in others, the getting there has been a lot of fun and seeing how each character and title deals with it is like watching a giant puzzle being put together. She-Hulk is generally dumbfounded why anyone would want to ruin the paradise that they have made together. There is little crime and things tend to run quite smoothly from day to day. Now, with mysterious portals appearing in places and a strange girl who looks like she could be the embodiment of Eternity or Infinity or both, not that any of the characters in Arcadia even know of them, A-Force is unsure of what to do next and to make things even worse, the Thors are now cracking down on them and wish to arrest She-Hulk. If that takes place, what happens to the rest of them? Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson might have started this title off on a bit of a slow start, but they are now ramping things up exponentially and making it quite exciting in the doing of it. There is the death of a beloved character this issue, though with all things in the Battleworld, it is just another version of one that exists elsewhere so you know that while it is a tiny bit shocking, it is not the end for anyone that dies, or even lives for that matter. As with every other title, there is a clock ticking and you know that it is winding down to a confrontation. Who it is with or what it is that is going to happen is unknown, but you know that it will be big whatever the outcome. Definitely a title that makes you want to come back for more.

4 out of 5

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