Big Brother: The Mad Hatter’s Very Unmerry Unbirthday‏

mad hatter
After so many weeks of the Sixth Sense running the house, the other side has stolen the power, and they’re fighting back, hard. Becky’s got a plan in motion, and everyone who knows about it is on board to take Vanessa out. Even Shelli, Vanessa’s closest ally, is resigned to this fate. Better Vanessa than you yourself, eh Shelli? Anyway, unlike everyone in the Sixth Sense, Becky isn’t afraid to take responsibility for her actions. She wants everyone to know that she, not one of her alliance members, was the one to execute the plan. It’s a little crazy, but it’s also refreshing. I can’t tell you how sick I am of the house guests throwing their own alliance members under the bus.

Anyway, tonight’s episode is largely focused on Vanessa and her paranoia. This time, her worry is justified, but as we’ve seen in the past, she gets paranoid every week, even though she’s never been in danger until this week. I can understand why the others in the house are getting tired of it. As Becky said, she constantly makes deals and then goes back on them, pissing everyone off in the process. Of course she’s stressed. She’s brought it on herself.

But both Vanessa and John are working hard to be able to play in the Veto competition. Vanessa wants a chance to win so that she can keep herself and Shelli safe, and John just wants to make sure that Vanessa doesn’t get a chance to play. Both of them go to Shelli and to Steve, asking them both to pick them if they get house guest’s choice. Both promise Shelli they’ll take her off the block if they get picked and win. Vanessa offers to take Steve off the block if she wins after he picks her to play. And John tells him the truth – that he’s going to take Shelli down if he wins. Steve, of course, is concerned, but John explains the plan and assures him that he’s safe – whereas Shelli is not. Shelli needs it more than Steve does. All Steve can do is agree, though inside he’s screaming, because John and Vanessa are his two closest allies, and yet they’re working against each other. Both he and Shelli want to tell Vanessa what’s going on, but the fact that they’re both on the block silences them. If they blab, they really will be the targets. Genius move, Becky. I’m really liking her more and more.

Meanwhile, Jackie is finally finished her punishment of wearing the knight suit, so she does a little striptease in front of everyone else. No one is more pleased than creepy James. I’m pretty sure he’ll have that memory forever and ever, especially when she tosses him her leotard. I’m surprised he didn’t sniff it right there in front of everyone else.

In other relationship news, Liz finds that she’s really starting to like Austin. At first, it was all about strategy because he’s not her usual type, but his personality has warmed her up, so now she kind of likes him. She just hates his beard. Julia, for the record, still hates all of Austin, as evidenced by the death glare she gives them from the pool as she watches Austin and Liz cuddle on the hammock.

When it comes time to pick Veto players, Becky picks Austin to play, Steve picks Meg, and Shelli – surprise, surprise – picks house guest’s choice and takes Vanessa. John is pissed. Shelli apologizes to him, but tells him that there was nothing else she could do. If she hadn’t picked Vanessa, then Vanessa would know that something was up. Except, as John points out, it wouldn’t matter, because Vanessa is GOING HOME! However, I can see Shelli’s side of things, as Vanessa is her closest ally so if there’s a chance that both of them can stay, then she needs to try to make it work. On the other hand, she had an opportunity to work with John, and I doubt that’s going to work now.

James (accidentally?) walks in on Jackie in the bathroom, and then it’s Veto time! This is a repeat competition from last year, but I really like this game. The new Big Brother comics are coming out soon, one for each house guest, and they’re being kept behind closed doors. The players have to zip line past the window and look inside to get a glimpse of the comics, then go to their giant computer and arrange all the comics in the same order as inside the building. The trick, though, is that there are two of each comic, each with subtle differences, and they’ve got to get the order and comic version exactly right in the shortest amount of time to win.

Meg, Steve and Vanessa all decide to figure out the order of the comics first, and then go back in for a second look to figure out the details of each book. Becky decides to work on the men first and then the women and Shelli decides to do four at a time. Austin’s only plan is to use his athleticism to get up and down quickly, though that seems to backfire on him, as before long he’s more out of breath than Steve, even though Austin works out every day. When it’s all over, Shelli and Vanessa are at the back of the pack, and Steve wins the competition with a time of 13:57!

Becky is glad that Steve won, because this means that she won’t have to be the one to actually change her nominations. Now she’ll be forced to do it when Steve takes himself off the block. Here is where Vanessa’s worrying goes up a notch. Vanessa’s been told that if one of the nominees won the veto, Becky would put up John in their place, but she’s not sure she believes it. So she goes to James, who very obviously stutters his way through a lie, which of course, Vanessa catches. The only way he can play it off is to tell her to go to Becky about it. I’m not a Vanessa fan, but she’s extremely good at ferreting out the lies, and she sees right through James…until she talks to Becky, that is.

She reminds Becky that she’d gotten extra blood on her hands when she’d kept Becky in the game and got rid of Jason, which is absolute BS because Becky was never going to be the target, and everyone knows that. Becky, contrary to Vanessa’s assertions, doesn’t owe her anything. But Becky, like a pro, lies right to her face and tells her that she’s safe. She even teases her about being paranoid and Vanessa more or less falls for it. The coup is solidified when she goes down to Meg, James and Jackie, and they confirm that the plan to put up John is still a go.

So imagine Vanessa’s shock at the Veto meeting, when Becky nominates her when Steve pulls himself down. Becky tells her straight out that Vanessa is going up because she never knows who Vanessa is with or against. She’s always making deals with people and then dropping them the moment she doesn’t need them anymore. I couldn’t agree more. The truth hurts, Vanessa.

Not that she’d ever take responsibility anyway. She’s hurt by Becky’s betrayal. She’d thought that Becky was logical, not emotional. Uh, Vanessa, I don’t think you understand what these words mean. Nominating Vanessa for these reasons – because she obviously can’t be trusted – is very clearly a logical choice. Getting rid of her is good for Becky’s game. There are no emotions involved for Becky.

John is happy about the outcome too. Vanessa has put up just about everyone in the house without a second thought about the people she or her team has nominated. It’s about time she got a taste of her own medicine. Of course, Austin doesn’t completely agree. He doesn’t come right out and say that Becky made a mistake, but he does point out that she’s going to have to be prepared to face the consequences of her actions, should Vanessa stay in the house. It sounds like he’s pretty sure that Shelli will go home.

Personally, I believe that Vanessa will go home tomorrow night. James, Jackie, Meg and John will all vote for Vanessa to go home. Liz, Julia, Austin and, I’m assuming, Steve, will vote out Shelli. Becky will be the deciding vote and get rid of Vanessa. The only way Shelli will go home is if one of Becky’s alliance changes their vote.

The real question is, what’s going to happen afterward? Tomorrow is double eviction night, so what happens after the first eviction is anyone’s guess. However, there will be four Sixth Sensers left and six non – alliance members, so the odds are in James’s teams favour. I’m hoping that the gremlins or goblins, or whatever Meg calls them all, will keep control of the house and get rid of a twin, preferably Liz. If they don’t break up the Austwins soon, they’ll end up running away with the whole pot.

And now, a couple of things I learned from the feedsters:

– At least two people, Shelli and Vanessa, have figured out which chip is the house guest’s choice chip, which is probably why it’s been picked so often this year. I’m assuming they can feel the ridges of the lettering on the chip. What I don’t get is, if production knows that at least a couple people know how to pull the right chip, why don’t they replace it with something undetectable so that they can’t cheat?

– Apparently Clay fully admitted to his closest allies that he’d blatantly lied about James telling John about Vanessa. So it wasn’t a misunderstanding, as he’d made it sound. He’d done it on purpose

– And the big one: Vanessa reportedly cheated during the last HoH competition. She’d used the Crisco stuff on the ground to stopper her funnel, and then she’d also tried jamming more of the stuff into her bowl along with the liquid. I’ll be glad to see her go.

– Rebecca

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  1. Great analysis, Rebecca. It looks Vanessa’s days are numbered. I thought Becky’s veto speech to Van was stonecold. B was badass like Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds or something.

    It would be a shame to see Van leave since she’s the biggest game player. I like how strategy forms and shifts. I hope Shelli gets gone somehow, or at the very least the remaining senses win tonight. It should be a good one. I can’t wait for the double.

    Oh, and I hope the feeder rumors aren’t true, at least the choice chip ones. Unfair. I think it’s luck, and housemates just think they know how choice chip feels.

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    • Becky’s veto speech was definitely cold. I don’t know how she did it. She’s like the opposite of emotional Vanessa. lol.

      Her strategy is interesting, but I’m so tired of the tears every time something doesn’t go her way. Or every time she wants to throw the suspicion off herself. That’s getting old. We’ll see though.

      I’m pretty sure it’s true. I think I heard that they were talking about it or something.

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