Mind Capsules – Future Imperfect #4 and Batman Beyond #3

Future Imperfect #4
Future Imperfect #4

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Greg Land
Inker – Jay Leisten
Colours – Nolan Woodward

The Maestro and General Ross have left Dystopia and now find themselves in Norseheim in the hopes of discovering the whereabouts of the Destroyer. Gaining the Destroyer is the key to the Maestro’s plan to overthrow Doom and take his place as the ruler of all. But the further they go, Ross realizes that not all is as it seems and that it is most likely a trap, but they are soon too far to turn back and the only recourse is to go forward. Peter David and Greg Land take our heroes out of their comfort zone and give Ulik the troll a fight that he never bargained for with the Maestro. Ulik might have had a chance against any normal Hulk, but against the first Hulk; the biggest, baddest and meanest Hulk there is, Ulik never really stood a chance. The one thing that David has always done well is characterization as well as creating interesting dynamics within his books. Seeing how the Maestro plays against Ross and Ruby and the rest of the gang is a lot of fun, especially as he considers himself their ruler on one hand, but knows that he may never achieve his goal without their help on the other. Ruby and Ross know that there is no possible way that there will ever be anything that the Maestro could ever do that will ever make them fully trust him but they also know that they will never be free of him unless they do as he asks. What makes the reader quite curious is the fact that our resistance team believes that the Maestro will let them be after he gains the Destroyer and deposes Doom. The Maestro is already one of the most powerful beings in all of Battleworld and they have seen what he has done as the ruler of Dystopia. That alone should convince them not to help him on this quest for even more power and to have the entire world under his thumb. They are a resistance unit opposed to him and everything he stands for after all. With a very strange and yet intriguing cliff-hanger, the book continues to be very entertaining and a standout among the herd.

4 out of 5

Batman Beyond #3
Batman Beyond #3

Writer – Dan Jurgens
Artist – Bernard Chang
Colours – Marcelo Maiolo

Tim Drake, the new Batman Beyond has been captured by Brother Eye along with Barbara Gordon. Brother Eye is determined to break them both and find the location of Gotham which has been hidden from him thanks to some technology that Bruce Wayne had invented. Tim is trying his best at resisting and with a little help from Alfred, he manages to do just that and frees himself and Barbara from Brother Eye’s hold. What follows is a battle with Inque and then a daring escape where Tim thinks he has gotten the better of Brother Eye, but nothing could be further from the truth. Reading this book now is almost like a guilty pleasure now that the mess that was Futures End is starting to become a distant memory. It is not exactly the same as the animated universe and that is to be expected, but it is great to see characters from the show pop up like Terry’s brother and Inque, one of the best villains to ever come from that series. Mixing the familiar with an alternate future that was not supposed to happen is turning out to work very well for the book and Dan Jurgens is doing a fantastic job at the helm. It was in doubt that Tim Drake would make for a good Batman, especially because Terry McGinnis is the character everyone knows and loves in the role, but as it turns out Jurgens has made Tim very interesting in the role, especially as we get to see him go through his growing pains in learning how to use the suit and become accustomed to fighting again. One thing that may get a little tiring after a while is if it simply becomes the Tim and Brother Eye show. It is good to see it for the opening arc, and of course the presence of Brother Eye will be felt throughout the whole series, but his rogues gallery and his adventures are going to have to be expanded upon if they are to hold the interest of the audience. So far though, Jurgens and company are doing a good job of it.

3.5 out of 5

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