Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #52

All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_52Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Penciler – Arvell Jones
Inker – Alfredo Alcala
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

The Big Red Cheese, Captain Marvel returns to the book courtesy of Crisis on Infinite Earths and while Green Lantern, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle think he is attacking them, they fail to see the strange shadow creatures behind them. So while Roy Thomas may seem to be heading into cliché territory, he averts it and has our hero’s team up to defeat said creatures which, in itself, is another cliché. It is a good thing then that Thomas is a master storyteller and he makes the book so enjoyable. The one thing that was missing when this book was published and is still missing today is a steady diet of Captain Marvel. The man might be a bit of a Superman clone, but he is far more interesting in a variety of ways from powers to personal life and the fact that he was not used more then or now, is a bit of a shame. Suffice it to say, seeing Captain Marvel in this book is fantastic and thanks to Crisis, it makes it all possible, even if only for one story. In the end, our heroes win of course and aside from the usual superheroics, we also get to see some great exchanges between Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick who are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. That as well, is what makes this book as good as it is, specifically the character moments, when we get to see them on a more personal level and when they are not fighting the villain of the week. If there is one complaint, it is that we do not really see enough of them, though Thomas does do his best to fit them in where he can. All in all, an issue that was far superior to the last one and one that also has a backup tale featuring Hawkman.

3 out of 5

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