You Had Better Look Out For… – Anna (2013)

Anna is a captivating little psychological thriller directed by Jorge Dorado with a good dose of science-fiction to spice things up and a lot of suspense to keep things moving. It features Taissa Farmiga as a young girl whose parents have no idea what to do with her as they think she might be a sociopath or at the very least, a little more than troubled. Brian Cox who plays Sebastian cannot find any other way to treat her and so calls in his friend John played by Mark Strong, who is able to enter a person’s memories and live them out with the patient. Anna is a very smart young lady, smarter than John even and as he makes his way through her mind, he starts to get uneasy because he is starting to realize that maybe not everything he sees is the truth.

Anna2There is a big reveal at the end of this film and some people saw it coming and some did not, but whether you were able to or not, it really did not take away from the picture as everything leading up to it was quite exciting and thick with tension. If the film did not try and pull the wool over the viewer’s eyes and at least try and do something to make it stand out from the very large group of psychological thrillers out there, then it would be a much poorer movie for failing to do so. As it is, you may not guess what is happening for quite some time, but eventually you might and in the end, it does little to ruin the film as the rest of it is so well put together. Part of that lies with Dorado who did a great job shooting the film and another lies with Guy and Martha Holmes who wrote the thing. The story was a good one but even better is the dialogue, especially from Farmiga whose character is more than a little interesting.

Anna4Out of everyone in the film, even Strong who is the leading man of the picture, it is Farmiga who steals the show. Her character Anna is cute and charming and is not a sociopath as she states, she merely thinks like one. She uses all of these traits and more to get under Strong’s skin, coming at him in different ways in order to break him down and get what she wants. Even though she might be locked up, she is still quite dangerous as he soon learns and you start to realize that even though she puts on innocent airs, you would never want to turn your back on her if you were in the same room. Mark Strong is good as the memory detective sent to try and cure her, yet the man is in over his head and when he finally discovers that, it is far too late.

There are some great shots from Óscar Faura and the film is quite moody at times and as previously stated, fairly suspenseful as events start to unfold. The memory technology is interesting and would definitely change the world we live in if it were to exist right now though it is easy to see how it might be corrupted. Indira Varma has a small role in the film and she always makes a film better by her presence, though it would have been nice if it were just a bit larger. Overall, the positives of the film far outweigh the negatives which are few in number and make this a film worth seeking out.

3.5 out of 5
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