Mind Capsules – Weirdworld #2 and Aquaman #42

Weirdworld #2
Weirdworld #2

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Del Mundo
Colours – Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso

Arkon finds himself a prisoner, something he has rarely, if ever, been. He is not too fond of being so. Thankfully he is not alone in that predicament as a warrior of Crystallium happens to be locked up with him, one who goes by the name of Warbow. With this introduction, Jason Aaron heads back to the mid-1980s and a property that has been largely forgotten except by a few, Crystar the Crystal Warrior. Weirdworld itself was not a property that called out for a reboot, but with Secret Wars, Marvel decided to spread its wings far and wide and bring back a few things from its past that many had never thought to see again. For that fact alone, it makes this book one of the most unexpected and exciting ones to appear thus far. But the content alone cannot survive by itself and thus Aaron’s writing is essential for he brings it to life with a story that has been a lot of fun and remains one of the only books to have no visible ties to what is going on in the rest of Secret Wars other than itself being a domain in Battleworld. While it seems strange that this is so, it is nice to see a title simply existing without furthering the grand scheme of things other than to delight the reader. Helping Aaron out on this is Mike Del Mundo whose artwork is absolutely stunning. Everything looks bigger and grander under his pen and his depictions of that fantastic are simply that. It was surprising to say the least to see Warbow and the magma men make an appearance as they are not a property that one usually associates with Marvel anymore even though they created it, but if the title can keep pulling in characters and situations like this seemingly out of the blue, it will definitely make this a title to watch out for even more than it is now. Weirdworld is a truly fun and adventurous book.

4.5 out of 5

Aquaman #42
Aquaman #42

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Trevor McCarthy, Jesus Merino, Walden Wong
Colours – Guy Major

Aquaman continues to battle the forces of another dimension before they destroy the Earth but as he does so, he must also contend with a group of thugs sent by Mera to bring him in and anyone else who does not understand exactly what it is he is doing. What is really nice to see in this second outing from Cullen Bunn and Trevor McCarthy is a little more background on this current threat as well as how Aquaman became an enemy from his own people, mostly anyways. One of the better aspects of the story is tying it into ancient Atlantis, which is always a great thing to do even though it gets done repeatedly by every writer that ever handles the book. It not only gives the story an air of mystery, but one of legacy and myth and so far, has provided endless opportunities to tell good tales. This issue also sees McCarthy joined by Jesus Merino and Walden Wong on art duties and while the book does not look as polished as the last issue, it still looks pretty good. The latest redesign for the sea-king also looks great with the new armour working well and the haircut being something we have never seen for the man before and as far as redesigns go, this one is a successful one. Together, the creators of this story have packed it full of action and drama, both below and above the waves and it has been quite exciting thus far. Seeing some of Aquaman’s rogues gallery make an appearance was good to see as the title has largely remained focused upon telling new stories over its forty-two issue run and it should be a very intriguing moment when it is revealed exactly what happened between Aquaman and Mera to put them at odds with each other. Great story, good art and a cliff-hanger that promises more fun to come make this a worthy book for your pull list.

4 out of 5

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