Mind Capsules – ElfQuest: The Final Quest #10 and Future Imperfect #3

ElfQuest The Final Quest #10
ElfQuest: The Final Quest #10

Writer – Wendy Pini, Richard Pini
Artist – Wendy Pini
Colours – Sonny Strait

As The Call makes itself known throughout the world of Two Moons, many are paying heed and making their way towards the palace. One is the elf formerly known as Egg and another is Rayek, long away from the Tribe and newly returned though he does not come alone. With him is the Black Snake, Winnowill, or at least her spirit that is contained within him and though he has a chance to be free of her for all time, he chooses the opposite, instead wishing to be with her for as long as it takes for her to come to love him. The Final Quest continues on as this book sees a lot of time pass, as it sees elves come home and the Djunn finally dying, though not before his greatest weapon is finished. The Pini’s writing is as emotional and as gripping as ever, as is the art by Wendy Pini. You could pick up an ElfQuest comic from thirty years ago and were you to compare it side by side to this very book, you would find little changed and that is what makes this title so timeless. Forgiveness and family are the themes that this issue plays upon, especially when it comes to Rayek. It is almost like he was the missing piece of the puzzle and despite everything he has done over the years, the elves cannot be whole without him. But Rayek himself will not be complete until Winnowill herself is at peace and Rayek continues to forgive her with the love he feels for her even though if there was one person who does not deserve it, it is she. It is good to see the Djunn pass on though you know that his story is not ended and while the elves might not have to face him again, they will have to deal with his legacy. There are reunions and new friends made and even Two-Edge made welcome in this tale and it is a solid book from start to finish. The only question that remains at the moment is what comes next?

4.5 out of 5

Future Imperfect #3
Future Imperfect #3

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Greg Land
Inker – Jay Leisten
Colours – Nolan Woodward

Ruby and her compatriots in the resistance are worried about General Ross. The last they saw of him was when he was battling the Maestro and things were not really looking too good for him. So what else is there to do then except hatch a rescue mission with help from Layla Miller, a woman who works for the Maestro and who is having second thoughts about doing just that? Things could work out for the best or Layla could betray them all, but they have little to no options and this is the best one. One of the things that finds this book set apart from the rest of the Secret Wars tie-ins is that it is so unlike the rest of them. Most of that rests upon Peter David making the Maestro as good, or as bad a villain as can be. Part of that is seeing the Maestro doing something that nobody in any other domain thus far has thought of doing, and that is replacing Doom and taking his spot. Most call that heresy as Doom is God and he created the world, but the Maestro thinks differently and he thinks that with the help of Ross, Ruby and the rest of the gang, he can accomplish that goal. While little happens in the book except for the breaking-in to the Maestro’s headquarters, hearing what the villain has in mind makes this book quite exciting nonetheless. Greg Land has been doing a bang-up job on the pencils for the book with Ruby being one of the standout characters and that splash page with the Maestro and Ross having dinner being the icing on the cake out of everything. Not only is Future Imperfect an interesting tale and a very entertaining one, it is a fun history lesson in seeing many of the characters that Peter David has created make a return to the book. With a confrontation possibly coming between Doom and the Maestro, this is a book that demands your attention.

3.5 out of 5

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